Undergraduate Sport Scholarship Award 2017

This award is now closed for 2017

Award Description

The Undergraduate Sport Scholarship Award is designed for students that excel in sport. You do not need to be applying for a degree within the Cardiff School of Sport; you can qualify for this award if you are studying in any of our five academic schools. The award is split into different levels; Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze, based upon your sporting prowess. Priority will be given to students who compete in a sport that is part of the British University College Sport (BUCS) competition, although exceptional applicants who compete in a non-BUCS sport will be considered. The award is paid through an accommodation contribution, catering or general campus allowance and in some cases a cash award.


  • You must be applying through UCAS as a new student, entering a full time Undergraduate programme at year one or foundation level starting in 2017.

  • You must have accepted Cardiff Met as your Firm Choice by 30th June 2017. (students who apply for a course during clearing i.e. after 30th June, may also be considered).

  • You must meet the defined standards in sport as stated by the level guidance below.

  • You may be invited to participate in an interview in front of a judging panel.

  • You must not be receiving World Class Funding from UK Sport.

  • You must be a Home or EU student.

Spotlighted Scholar Profiles

Below is a selection of our current scholars, read about their achievements and how the scholarship has helped them progress in both their sport and studies.

Kieran Wood

Kieran Wood
Middle-Distance Running

Conor Lees
Conor Lees
Ellen Harding
Ellen Harding
Grace Gear - Sports Scholarship
Grace Gear
Loren Bleaken
Loren Bleaken
400m Athletics
Scott Oates
Scott Oates             

The scholarship package for each award level and further scholar profiles can be seen below. All scholarships include access to a strength and conditioning programme, physiotherapy, massage and mentor support.

​Level 1 Platinum

Level Guidance: Senior International Performer

 Year 1 (Entry year)

Year 2

Year 3



​Level 2 Gold

Level Guidance: Junior International / Senior National Standard / Senior National Squad (see current scholar profiles below)

Year 1 (Entry year)

Year 2

Year 3
Scholar Profiles ​
Keiran Wood - Middle distance running
​​​Adele Nicoll - Athletics
Scott Barratt-Gibson - Athletics 
Loren Bleaken- 400m Athletics
Rhodri Williams- Athletics

​Level 3 Silver

Level Guidance: Junior International / Elite Performance Profile  (see current scholar profiles below)

Year 1 (Entry year)

Year 2

Year 3

​​Scholar Profiles ​
Charlotte Parry - Karate 
Grace Gear-Squash
Gwenllian Northall- Judo

​Level 4 Bronze

Level Guidance: National standard athlete / Elite Performance Profile  (see current scholar profiles below)

Year 1 (Entry year)

Year 2

Year 3


Scholar Profiles ​ ​
Chris Harris - Modern Pentathlon/Tetrathlon
Conor Lees - Trampolining 
Ellen Harding - Surfing
Richard Lay - Rifle Shooting
Scott Oates- Badminton
Jesse Frost - Target Rifle Shooting ​
Melissa Roberts- Athletics 

 If you are unsuccessful in gaining an Undergraduate Sport Scholarship, your application will be entered for the Student Union Sport Scholarship. More information is available via the link below.


Terms and Conditions

  • Your completed application form must reach us by the final deadline of the 31st August 2017 in order for you to be considered for the award.
  • There are a limited number of Scholarships available.
  • Students will be expected to compete for Cardiff Met in the BUCS competition as a requirement of the scholarship.
  • You must be enrolled as a full-time student at Cardiff Metropolitan University and in possession of your Student ID Card in order for the catering or general campus allowance to be processed.
  • Payment of the award in years 2 and 3 is subject to successful progression onto the next year of study. 
  • Payment of the award in years 2 and 3 is subject to progression of your level of sporting prowess, which will be determined by your sport mentor.
  • There will be no fourth year of the award. Students studying a four-year course or who have started on a foundation year can apply for the Student Union award for year four of their studies.
  • The award will not be provided to anyone having to re-sit a whole year. You do not have to re-apply each year, allocations will automatically run over.
  • This award is not available to those studying at franchise colleges. Please contact the college to discuss bursaries and scholarship availability.
  • The award amounts may be subject to change.

Payment of the Award

  • Payment and provision of the individual award elements can only be activated once you have successfully enrolled onto your full time degree course and are in receipt of your Student ID Card.
  • You will have a choice of catering or general campus allowances, payment will be allocated to your Student ID Card after enrolment.

  • If you elect to have the catering allowance, this is awarded as a £20 payment each week to your card on a Monday throughout the term. Any weekly allowances that are unused will be automatically included in the total of the next payment and not carried forward. This can be used for payment at University run outlets.

  • The general campus allowance is awarded as either five payments to your card of £100 through the academic year or a choice of payments plus an extra benefit totalling £500. Any unused allowance will be automatically included in the total of the next payment and not carried forward.

  • Accommodation payments will be paid automatically on your behalf if you are resident in Halls. If you are living in Cardiff Metropolitan approved private accommodation you need to email us full details of your landlord, (name and address) and your rented address. Cheques made payable to your landlord will be issued January 2018. 
  • Where applicable, the cash award will be paid by cheque which can be collected at the iZone (Llandaff and Cyncoed campuses).

How to apply

In order to be considered for the Undergraduate Sports Scholarship Award please complete the online application form which can be accessed through the link at the bottom of the page. It is advised you read the 'guidelines for applicants' carefully before completing the form. The deadline to apply is the 31st August 2017.

You will receive automatic notification by email that we have received your application. If you do not receive this notification, contact us as soon as possible on scholarship@cardiffmet.ac.uk so we can confirm receipt. You will be notified of the final outcome by e-mail in September 2017. Your application will be assessed by a scrutiny panel, based on the eligibility criteria.

Please note, payment and provision of the award elements will only be activated once you have successfully enrolled onto your full-time degree course in September and are in receipt of your Student ID card.  

Guidelines for Applicants

Please read the below information as this is designed to help you when completing your application form.

  • Chosen Sport - Give details when stating your chosen sport, for example, athletics / long jump, football / central defender.
  • Performance / Playing Standard- Be specific and give details, for example, county / regional academy, best 200m time: 21.15 seconds.
  • Playing Commitments - We want to know at what level you are playing your particular sport, for example, representing city/ county/ national squad.
  • Coaching Commitments - Are you currently actively involved in coaching? Yes / No? Please expand on how you are involved in coaching.
  • Coaching Qualifications - What NGB coaching qualifications do you currently have or what coaching qualifications are you working towards?
  • Sporting Ambitions - What goals have you set yourself? For example, representing county at U21 Level or competed in The Commonwealth Games.
  • Reference - Please nominate someone who can verify your sporting profile, for example, a coach or PE teacher.

Contact Us

If you have any queries relating to the Undergraduate Sports Scholarship Award then please email scholarship@cardiffmet.ac.uk For general queries try our FAQ page.

All correspondence regarding your application will be made by email. We will use the contact details provided in your application. If these change please let us know or we may not be able to contact you.