Frequently Asked Questions

​Before you contact us, you may wish to browse our FAQs below to see if the answer to your enquiry is already there.

​Where are the I-Zones?

We have two I-Zone desks – one at Llandaff in A block to the left of the front reception desk, and one at Cyncoed in Student Services in A block. We are open Monday – Friday 9am-4pm, Wednesdays 10am-4pm. Our contacts are:
Llandaff – 02920 205600
Cyncoed – 02920 205460


Where is the Academic Registry department?

Registry are non-student facing. Any registry-type enquiries need to come through to the I-Zone, and we shall refer them on. So either send us an email or come to the desks.


When will I enrol?

For new students, you can find enrolment information here:
For returning students, you can view information here:
For any issues, you can contact enrolment directly:

​Student Finance

I haven’t received my student loan yet.

Student Finance will not release any funds until your declaration has been received along with any other pieces of evidence, and until your Cardiff Met enrolment is complete. If you have done all of this but still haven’t received your loan, or if Student Finance have advised you that the university needs to send them confirmation, then you should email

​Financial Enquiries and Payments

Where can I make payments for my tuition fees/re-examination fees/school trips/ID cards etc?

You can make payments in person or over the phone at either of the I-Zone desks. You can also collect direct debit payment application forms from the I-Zone or download the direct debit mandate from here:

If you have any questions about your tuition fees, you can contact the Finance team directly:  /  029 2041 6083

Can I make online payments?

Web Payments is the preferred method of payment for all future payments of tuition fees/registry resit/ accommodation and library fines. This utility can be accessed anywhere in the World and is compatible with all card types shown on the welcome screen – and will not incur additional bank transfer charges. Parents, sponsors and students, can register to make payment, but only the student will view a balance or payments made.

Also note that using this will automatically remove any financial blocks upon the hour, assuming the balance is paid in full.

What payment methods can I use at the I-Zone?

We accept card, cash and cheque. However we strongly advise against paying in large amounts cash for safety and security reasons.

I am paying my own tuition fees – how do I find out how much I need to pay and by when?

Finance information can be found here:
Or you can contact the Finance team directly:  /  029 2041 6083

I have a financial block on my account, what do I do?

Come to the I-Zone and we will contact Finance to find out what the issue is and arrange payment. Or you can contact Finance directly:  /  029 2041 6083

Where can I go for financial advice?

There is a dedicated team of Student Finance and Welfare advisors within Student Services. Information for this can be found here:

How do I know if I am eligible for a bursary or scholarship?

You can find out which bursaries and scholarships the university offers here:
The direct email address is

There is also further information about additional support through the Student Finance and Welfare Services page:


​Council Tax Exemption

Where can I get my Council Tax Exemption certificate from?

Your Council Tax exemption certificate can be found in your Student Portal. Click on the ‘Essentials’ icon, and then select the Council Tax option. This should open a pdf document, which you then need to print off and send to your landlord/letting agency/council.

If you are unable to view this document, please check to make sure you have a term-time address added to your profile. Click on the ‘Verify/Change Personal Details’ icon on the Student Portal homepage and if needed add/edit your term-time address, ensuring it is definitely registered as term-time. This should enable you to access your Council Tax exemption certificate, although you may have to wait up to 24 hours before the document becomes available.
Still not working? Email

Please note: For students starting courses in September, you will be able to access your council tax forms after enrolment.

Do we just need one Council Tax exemption form per household?

No. Council Tax exemption certificates only exempt the named individual from paying Council Tax, not the household. Therefore every student at an address will need to submit their own exemption certificate.
For students starting their courses in September, you will be able to access your council tax forms after enrolment.


​Letter of Enrolment/Letters to be Stamped

I need a letter to confirm that I am a student

You have two options. Firstly, you can access and download a proof of enrolment letter in the Essentials folder in your Student Portal. Alternatively, you can ask the administrators in your school to provide you with a Student Status letter. If you’re not sure where the admin teams are based, just ask at the reception desk in your school. If you are an international student, you can request a letter in the Student Portal – click on the International Student Letter Request link to the right-hand menu, or ask at the International Office for assistance.

I need a letter stamped by the university, where do I go?

It depends on the type of letter and reason. Either visit the administration team within your school to check if they can do it, or come to the I-Zone desks for help.

​MetRider passes

How can I get a MetRider bus pass?

The Print Studios process the MetRider bus passes and replace any lost ones for a small charge. You can find information and the application form here:

ID Cards

I need a new student card, how do I get one?

You can buy a new student ID card at the Llandaff I-Zone or the Cyncoed Print Studio for an £8 charge. Lost cards often get handed into us, so check if we have your card in lost property before paying for a new one!

What do I need my student ID card for?

The student ID cards will provide you access to any relevant areas of the campus, as well as enabling you to release print jobs from the self-service machines, and even buy food and drink from a range of outlets on both Cardiff Met campuses. You also need your card to take out library books. For any access queries/problems, please contact 


​IT Help

How can I access the Wi-Fi?

If you are a new student, you will need to complete your enrolment first. You will be given your student number and a password which you use to log onto the Eduroam network. If you need assistance or a new password, you will need to contact the IT Helpdesk. Their services information and contacts can be viewed here:



Where can I print my work?

Printers are available for use in the Learning Centres, just make sure you have sufficient funds on your Student ID card. If you need to top up your Metcard, this can be done in the Learning Centre or the Print Studio. Alternatively, you can top up online by following the ‘ID Card Top Up’ link on your Student Portal homepage.


​Changing Personal Details

How do I change my personal details?

If you want to change your contact details, go to the Verify/Change Personal Details folder on the Student Portal homepage and make the necessary changes. You can also visit the I-Zone for a change of personal details form. If you are make a change to your name, you will need to bring valid ID that states your changed name e.g. passport, marriage certificate, deed poll certificate.


Submitting Assignments

How do I submit assignments?

Firstly, check the submission details of your assignment - do you need to submit it to the I-Zone, through Turn-it-in, or both? To submit at the I-Zone, you will need to complete a green pro-forma submission sheet. Fill out all the details on the form and receipt at the bottom – your student number and module number are essential and we will not accept a submission without these numbers so please come prepared! Once complete, ensure your assignment is fastened together and bring it to the desk with your pro-forma. We will stamp the pro-forma with your assignment and hand you back your receipt – please retain this for your records. If submitting USBs or CDs, you will need to attach these with your assignment/the pro-forma before submitting them to us.

What’s the latest I can submit an assignment?

The I-Zones both close at 4pm sharp and we will not accept any assignments after 4pm. If you do arrive after 4pm, you can leave your assignment and a completed pro-forma in the Dropbox – Llandaff’s is behind the desk to the right-hand side, and Cyncoed’s is the letterbox on the door of B0.07. Your assignment will be processed and stamped on the next working day and we will email you a receipt to confirm your submission. Our best advice is to arrive well before 4pm – it can get very busy after 3.30pm, so always try to give yourself plenty of time to complete a pro-forma and queue to submit.

I’m having an issue with Turn-it-in

For any help with Turn-it-in, you will need to speak to your lecturer or the IT Helpdesk -   02920 41 7000

Can I submit an assignment before the deadline?

Of course! You can submit as early as you wish.

Can somebody else submit my work for me?

Yes, provided they have all of your student details and module details to complete a pro-forma on your behalf. They must also give you the pro-forma receipt back to keep for your records.

Do I need to keep my receipt?

Yes! Please retain these for at least the full academic year as they prove that you have submitted your work to the I-Zone.

Can I submit by email?

No, we cannot accept any digital submissions at the I-Zone. If you are having any issues submitting your work, hard-copy or digital, you will need to contact your lecturer.

Can I get my work printed at the I-Zone?

No, we do not provide student printing. You can use the printers in the Learning Centres or the Print Studios. The Print Studios also close at 4pm so please give yourself enough time.

Do you provide staplers, hole-punchers, poly-pockets or binding?

It is the student’s responsibility to make sure they arrive at the I-Zone with their work ready to submit.
While we do have staplers and hole-punchers which we are happy to lend use of (within reason) this is not a service we offer, and is completely discretionary.
We do not provide poly-pockets or folders but these are available for purchase in the campus shops. Binding is available at the Print Studios.

We are unable to accept work that has not been appropriately secured/bound, for obvious reasons



I want to transfer/withdraw from my course, what do I need to do?

You will need to talk to your Programme Director, who will be happy to discuss the situation with you and explain your options.



Where can I find information about Accommodation?

There is lots of information about accommodation options on the dedicated Accommodation page, plus contact details if you need any further advice:



Where can I access my timetable?

Timetables are usually published when the new academic year starts. They will be accessible through the Student Portal from the right-hand menu and/or from your Moodle account. If you are a new student starting in September, your first week is generally your induction and enrolment week and usually there are no lectures running at that point – you will be told where you need to be throughout that week, so please do not panic about timetables just yet! If you need a general idea of start/finish times and days for work, childcare etc. we suggest your contact the course leader for advice.


​Room Booking

Are there any rooms I can book to practice a presentation or hold a student meeting?

Other than bookable study rooms in the learning centres, there is a meeting room at the Llandaff I-Zone that can be booked for student use. Come and see us at the desk or send us an email with your student number, required date, time, and brief details about what the room will be used for:



How can I access my Moodle account?

Your Moodle is accessible through the Cardiff Met homepage at the bottom of the page, or through your Student Portal. If you need any assistance with this, contact the IT Helpdesk:


​Course Enquiries

I am interested in starting at your university, what courses do you offer?

All course information can be found on our website, including information on how to apply:
For any enquiries, you can email the Admissions team:

Do you offer any English classes?

There are a range of English courses on offer, mainly Pre-Sessional English and the International Foundation Course, and full details are available here:
The courses are designed for students who intend to continue onto undergraduate or postgraduate courses and so may meet your requirements.

If you are applying to Cardiff Metropolitan, they may provide you with an offer which is conditional on your IELTS score or successful completion of our Pre-Sessional Course so I would advise you to contact the International Office Admissions Team for further information:

What are the email addresses for the school departments?

Cardiff School of Art and Design –
Cardiff School of Education & Social Policy -
Cardiff School of Health Sciences -
Cardiff School of Management -
Cardiff School of Sport -



Mitigating Circumstances

Where can I find information about mitigating circumstances?

The guidelines and application form for mitigating circumstances can be found by following the link to the Academic handbook which is available to all Cardiff Met students:

Where do I submit my mitigating circumstances?

All mitigating circumstances forms need to be returned to your School e.g. CSAD, CSM etc. If you are not sure, contact your lecturer/Programme Director