E-counselling Service


   If you would prefer to contact us from your own computer then our confidential e-counselling service might be for you. To learn more about how e-counselling could work for you, please see below.

Please note that our face-to-face counselling service is still fully available.


What is E-Counselling?

Counselling via email is a new way of working with a counsellor on any personal, emotional or psychological issue that might be causing you difficulty or getting in the way of your life here at Cardiff Met. 

Why is E-counselling a good idea?

You might find it more convenient to use e-counselling because:

  • you have transport difficulties

  • you have a very full timetable and cannot get to regular appointments

  • you are on teaching or work practice

  • you find it awkward or embarrassing to walk in through the department's door

There can be many other reasons why e-counselling is a good idea, including the fact that many people find it therapeutic to write rather than talk about themselves. 

Who can use the Cardiff Met E-counselling Service? 

Any Cardiff Met student can access this service as long as they have access to email. ​

Security and Confidentiality

E-counselling is a free, confidential service. As you and the counsellor will communicate via the Cardiff Met email system the emails we send to each other will be as confidential as any other communications on the Cardiff Met system. A letter containing further details on confidentiality and security will be sent to you when you send in your request for counselling. ​

How does it work?

Requesting e-counselling is very straightforward and you can do it by completing our online request form.  This is the same online form used for face to face counselling requests, you will find a section asking if you would prefer e counselling, please select this option to indicate you would prefer this service.  On receipt of your details your counsellor will contact you directly by email, introducing herself and explaining in more detail how e-counselling works. This will be your opportunity to ask any questions and for the counselling to begin. ​

To request an appointment please click here​.​​​​​




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