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Frequently Asked Questions


What does counselling do?

Counselling can help you to focus on particular difficulties at an immediate level. It helps you to decide how best to tackle problems that can be solved and how to come to terms with those that can't. No problem is too big or too small: it is relevant if it is negatively affecting your life.

What counselling does not do

Counselling does not tell you what to do; on the contrary, it respects your rights to make your own decision.

How long do counselling sessions last?

Counselling sessions will last between 50-60 minutes.

How regularly will I see my counsellor?

Students are initially allocated six counselling sessions which are accessed every week. It is important students are able to attend each week as any cancelled sessions will be counted as one of your six sessions. Some students may be offered additional sessions if the Counsellor feels this is necessary.

Is Counselling confidential?

Yes counselling is absolutely confidential. This means everything that you disclose to your Counsellor will be held in confidence between you and the Counsellor except in the following circumstances:

  • Where you give your consent for the confidence to be broken e.g. if a supporting letter/email is required for your course or medical advice is required from your GP.
  • Where the Counsellor is compelled by a court of law.
  • Where the information given is of such gravity that confidentiality cannot be maintained, and/or where there is a case/possibility of serious harm to self or others.

What happens if I fail to attend an appointment?

If you fail to attend an appointment without cancelling we will assume you no longer require an appointment and all future appointments will be cancelled. If you get back in contact to rebook we will endeavour to book you another appointment but you maybe placed on a waiting list during busy periods.

Do I have to pay for counselling sessions?

No, the Counselling service is available at no cost to all current students.

Can I have counselling online?

We do offer counselling online (e counselling). You might find this more convenient to use because:

  • you have transport difficulties
  • you have a very full timetable and cannot get to regular appointments
  • you are on teaching or work practice
  • you find it awkward or embarrassing to walk in through the department's door

There can be many other reasons why e-counselling is a good idea, including the fact that many people find it therapeutic to write rather than talk about themselves. For more information please go to our E-Counselling page.

Can I have counselling by telephone?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer counselling via telephone.

This page is being developed, more FAQs to follow.