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What does the Disability Service do?

We assist students who have a disability or specific learning difficulty to access support enabling them to fully participate in their studies. 

Any student who has a long term condition which is impacting on their work can usually benefit from meeting with us to discuss any specific issues and the support options open to them. ​

We work closely with all departments across Cardiff Met to ensure that teaching is accessible and appropriate for all students. 

We also contribute towards the Universities disability related policies and procedures, including the ​Disability​ Equality Scheme and Single Equality Scheme and operate within the context of the Single Equalities Act. 

Our Service aims to provide:

  • Information and guidance for all students regarding support available and how to access this

  • Information for all staff regarding disability awareness and accessibility.

  • Increased awareness throughout the university of disability and equality issues

  • Close liaison with external organisations to benefit our students and widen participation.​​

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Confidentiality and Disclosure ​

Cardiff Met's Disability Service offers a confidential service to all Cardiff Met students. This applies in cases when students declare a disability (including dyslexia) or seek assistance in respect of initial advice or a screening for dyslexia. This leaflet is intended to answer some of the questions you may have about confidentiality. If you wish to discuss this further please make an appointment with a Disability Advisor.

What does this mean for me? 

The nature of the confidentiality agreement means that anything a student discusses with a member of the Disability Service team will remain confidential within this department. Issues may be discussed between team members in line with professional judgment; on a need to know basis and all files/documentation are available to the team should they require access. This is to enable us to provide a full and flexible service.

How is information kept? 

All members of the Disability team are required to maintain accurate case notes of all contact with students in line with their professional judgement. We retain a database of essential information (including contact details and date of birth). This information is kept inline with data protection guidelines and we ask all students to sign a data protection form to agree to this at their first visit.

Can I see the information held on my file? 

Any student can make a formal request to look at the information pertaining to them in line with the University's Freedom of Information and Data Protection policies.

Who does the Disability Service share information with? 

The Disability Service seeks the agreement of the student to provide information to other departments within Cardiff Met in order to facilitate any necessary adjustments that may be required. The purpose of this will be discussed at an interview with a Disability Advisor (or other member of staff). Only necessary information will be disclosed. An example of this would be informing Academic Registry of a students' impairment and making recommendations for exam arrangements.

What happens if I refuse permission to share information? 

If a student refuses permission to allow the Disability Service to disclose information to other departments, Cardiff Met may ​be restricted in the reasonable adjustments that can be made. Any concerns regarding disclosure should be discussed in detail with a Disability Advisor.

Will information ever be disclosed if I have refused to authorise this? 

There are some instances when confidentiality may need to be breached. These are exceptional circumstances and wherever appropriate, attempts will be made to discuss details of this with the student concerned. Such circumstances may include:

  • Where a legal obligation exists​

  • Where an individual poses a risk to themselves or others

  • If a student agrees to the release of this information

  • If a student has breached University regulations

​What happens if I disclose information to Cardiff Metropolitan University? 

In some circumstances a student is deemed to have disclosed a disability /other information to the University and this may be shared with other departments as appropriate. An example of this would be declaration of disability on a UCAS form. The Admissions department forward details of students declaring a disability to the Disability Service to enable the Disability Service to take appropriate action.

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