Exam Information


Please read our Exam Protocol leaflet below for more information on additional exam arrangements. 

Disability Exam Protocol​​

This explains:

  • Why students have additional exam arrangements
  • Types of additional exam arrangements available
  • How to access additional exam arrangements
  • How to confirm additional exam arrangements

Please note, additional exam arrangements are only available via our department. If you have read this leaflet and think you may be eligible please make an appointment with a Disability Advisor​​. 

How to confirm exam arrangements

It is crucial that you confirm your exam arrangements with Academic Registry by the deadline. The process for doing this is:

  • Visit the exam timetable web page
  • Click on your appropriate timetable
  • Before you view the timetable you will be directed to a page which asks whether you have been recommended additional exam provision. If you have please click 'yes.'
  • You are then directed to a short form where you will need to enter your name, student number and details of what exams you have and the support that has been recommended for you.
  • Submit the online form
  • Academic Registry will contact everyone who has additional exam arrangements once the deadline has passed to inform you of where your exams will take place and any additional arrangements.

Exam Stress
Exams are often very pressurised and stressful for students. Please see the links above for help and guidance:

Scribe and Reader Support Information
It is important that all students receiving Scribe and/or Reader support access the documents below, as they provide role specific information relating to the help you can expect in your exams. 

The Role of a Reader in Exams
The Role of a Scribe in Exams

The Frequently Asked Questions document provides advice and guidance to Programmes/Schools running in-class tests and exams outside of the formal exam period:

Exam and In-class Test Adjustments for Disabled Students (FAQs)