Recording Lectures




Arrangements for the recording of oral lectures by students as agreed by SKILL, NATFHE and UUK:

Cardiff Met wishes to make every effort to assist students with specific needs and to this end, students with specific needs may record lectures in accordance with the procedures outlined below.

Adherence to these procedures will ensure that UWIC is able to make a reasonable adjustment under the terms of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 in respect of providing equal treatment and equal access to educational opportunity for all students regardless of their disability status.

If you need to record oral lectures you should note that the content of an oral lecture remains the property of the lecturer delivering it. If recording a lecture, the recording must be used only for your own personal study; you should not reproduce it or pass it on to anyone else other than for transcription purposes where this is recommended in you DSA assessment report.

Please consider the following procedures if you intend to record a lecture or seminar:

  • Ask the lecturer (in advance, if possible) if they are willing to let you use a recording device in the lecture.
  • If possible, test the lecture location in advance to ensure that the resulting recording will be of usable quality.
  • Make sure the equipment is properly charged, operating correctly and has enough free space to complete the lecture recording.
  • Feedback to the lecturer any areas in their teaching style which cause problems when recording. The lecturer may not be familiar with adjusting their style for recording equipment. Other practical issues may not become apparent until after the lecture (for example, the lecture hall acoustics may cause recordings to be better in one area than another).
  • If you are unsure of the position with regard to the recording of lectures or if you have any other relevant learning needs, you should contact the Disability Service or designated person within your department.​