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Support Worker/Non Medical Helper (NMH)



​At Cardiff Met we currently provide an in-house Support Worker/Non Medical Helper (NMH) service for disabled students. We have a pool of trained and experienced Support Workers who provide assistance to ensure students are not disadvantaged as a result of their disability or impairment.

Support Worker allocation is co-ordinated by our Support Worker Co-ordinators. The information below is intended for both prospective and current students, existing support staff and those interested in working as a Support Worker for Cardiff Met in the future.​​

We usually recruit for support staff on an annual basis. For more information e-mail 

Support Worker Code of Practice 

Using a Support Worker 

Working as a Support Worker 

Note Taking. What you can expect

NMH Rates - Period Covered: 02/07/2018 through to 31/03/2019

NMH Charter

This document is the first circulation of this Charter which relates to the principles that providers of Non-Medical Help (NMH) should adhere to in order to facilitate the provision of high quality academic study support, appropriate to the needs of disabled students and which represents value for money.

The Charter has been championed by NADP but the work has been driven from within the sector by various representatives from Universities, FE providers and suppliers of NMH study support alike. There has been widespread consultation over a two year period (2009 - 11) utilising meetings throughout England with over 100 representatives of FE and HE disability support services and NMH study support providers.

Discussions have been had with representatives from Student Finance England and the Department for Business Innovation & Skills and drafts of the Charter have been presented to delegates at the NADP autumn conference and formally circulated at NADPs annual conference in 2012.

The Charter identifies a comprehensive series of principles covering matters relating to the arrangement of support workers in further and higher education. It provides a reference point for the assurance of quality and standards within NMH provision and it is hoped that signing up to the Charter demonstrates commitment to high quality NMH provision.

NMH Charter​