How can I arrange my assessment?

Once your funding body has established that you are eligible for the DSA (Disabled Students' Allowance) and written to you confirming funding for a Needs Assessment, please contact Cardiff Met on 02920 416170 to book an appointment. To confirm your appointment you will need to send us:

• Evidence of your disability, e.g. medical evidence, a doctor's letter or your post 16 dyslexia report.

• Confirmation letter from your funding body.

• A pre-assessment form​​

We will then send you confirmation of your appointment.

What happens during the assessment?

Your assessment is a chance to discuss your disability and how it impacts on your studies. The assessor will ask you about your educational experiences, qualifications and the course you intend to study. This may be something to think about before your assessment, such as how effective your previous strategies were, any equipment/software you found helpful, etc. During the assessment you will be able to discuss and try out a range of IT equipment and software, as well as support strategies including specialist one to one support, note taking and IT training.

How long will the assessment take?

The assessment could last up to 2 hours. You will not have to do any tests during the assessment.

What happens after my assessment?

The assessor will prepare the report outlining their recommendations based on the information discussed and the documents you provided. You will receive a draft copy of the report within 10 working days of your assessment. You will then have 5 working days to approve the report or request that amendments are made. Your report will then be sent to your funding body for authorisation. Your funding body will write to you regarding the purchasing of any equipment/support. If you do not hear from your funding body after 4 weeks please contact them to check the progress of the report. 

What if I disagree with the recommendations?

In the first instance discuss the points you are unhappy about with the assessor, you can contact them by email ssta@cardiffmet.ac.uk .If you and your assessor fail to agree, you may then take this up with your funding body. Any equipment recommended will be suitable to run the software that has be recommended, if you wish to upgrade the equipment you can discuss this with your supplier; the additional costs of an upgrade will NOT be covered through the DSA.

How will payments be made?

Your funding body will write​ to you to tell you how to order your equipment, some funding bodies will order it for you, others will tell you which supplier to order from. General allowance items will be refunded from your funding body on submission of receipts along with a 'reimbursement claims' form. The cost of the assessment will be covered by your DSA.

I have been recommended a Support Worker (Note Taker, PA, Befriender, Library Assistant) how do I arrange the support?

To arrange a Support Worker please contact the Disability Service at your university. If you are studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University please contact supportworker@cardiffmet.ac.uk or call 02920 416170. It would be helpful for you to send a copy of your timetable.

​Can I keep my equipment when my course ends?

Any equipment purchased through the DSA is your property and will remain yours when you have completed your course.​