Fitness to Practice



Fitness to Practice and Cardiff Met's vocational courses

Cardiff Met has a number of vocational courses such as Speech and Language Therapy, Podiatry, Teaching and Social Work programmes.  These programmes are governed by their own qualification bodies. 

Qualification Bodies "Fitness to Practice" policies

These courses have a "Fitness to Practice" element to them.  In 2004 although the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) (1995) was extended to cover qualification bodies, at the current time (March 2009), deliberations are still going on.  As a result, the responsibility regarding "Fitness to Practice" appears to lie with the education and training providers.  It is they who need to ensure that the student is "physically and mentally fit" to carry out the work they will be qualified to do.  

What you should do when applying for a Cardiff Met vocational course

Students are required to declare any aspects of their disability, medical condition or specific learning difficulty that could have a potential impact on their fitness to practice.

It is strongly advised that you disclose that you have a disability.  If you do not, it could count against you at a later date, ie you could be judged as having given misleading information.  This will not be in your interest, particularly as you are possibly entering a profession that involves working with vulnerable service-users/patients.

Please contact the Disability Service​​ ​​​if you require further advice in this area.