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Information for Parents and Guardians


​Parents often ring up prior to their child attending university with a number of queries.  Itemised below are some of the queries that the Disability Advisers often receive.

Is the Disabled Student Allowance means tested?

No, it is independent of your finances

My child is dyslexic.  Will he have to have another report in time to come to university?

If the report was carried out after your son was 16 and was carried out by a Chartered Psychologist, that report will suffice.

My daughter has anxiety disorder and I very worried about her having anxiety attacks whilst in university, especially when she is settling in.

Your daughter will be able to see the Mental Health Adviser prior to commencing university and regularly, when she commences her course.  This should reassure her that there is support in place.  It may be appropriate for your daughter to see a Counsellor and this can be arranged with Student Services.  Student Services also co-ordinate Befrienders to work with students with a variety of mental health issues.  This may be appropriate to your daughter.

I paid for private tuition for my daughter who has dyslexia in order to get her through her 'A' levels as there wasn't much support at her high school.  I am worried that she will struggle as the nature of the work will be more difficult.

As long as your daughter has an up-to-date chartered psychologist's report and she gets in contact with Cardiff Met as soon as is feasible possible before the start of the academic year, we can ensure that she has a Needs Assessment to identify her needs.  The Assessment may recommend that your daughter has the support of a Specialist Study Skills Tutor.  This can then be put in place as soon as the funding body agrees the recommendation in the report.​