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International Students



​Cardiff Met welcomes applications from disabled international students.  Please be aware that international students are not eligible for UK government funding.  You or your sponsors are responsible for paying for any additional support that is not outlined below.

Cardiff Met can offer: 

  • ​Access to advice from the Disability Service

  • Accessible curriculum support (e.g. lecture notes available online)

  • Extensions to library loans

  • Examination support (eg extra time can be granted following liaison with Cardiff Met's Registry Department)

  • Access to assistive software in the Learning Centres on each campus

  • Possibility of short term loan equipment (through  Cardiff Met's Technical Services Department)


    You are requested to contact the International Office as far in advance as possible before commencing the course.  This will allow you to enter into discussions with the ​course regarding any adjustments that may need to be made as a consequence of your disability. Early contact with the International Office will further allow you to have an idea of any potential costs you may incur. 

    You will need to check with your home country whether they will be able to offer any financial support towards your studies.

    It is important that you send or bring documentary evidence (medical evidence or Chartered Psychologists' report) of your disability to Cardiff Met.  Please ensure that any documentation is written in English.​