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Cardiff Trust Fund for higher education students


​Cardiff turs Fund

Cardiff Further Education Trust Fund (CFETF) : Financial assistance for students in Higher Education in Cardiff


1.      The CFETF will provide financial assistance to "students in Cardiff" who fall into three "categories" to enable them to continue with their course of study in Higher education in Cardiff.


2.      In this context "students in Cardiff" refers to those applicants who :

  • have attended secondary school in Cardiff for at least two years ;
  • are registered students based at a higher education institution (or part thereof) located in Cardiff – namely
    • Cardiff University ;
    • Cardiff Metropolitan University ;
    • the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama (part of the University of South Wales Group) ; and
    • the Cardiff Campus (the "Atrium") of the University of South Wales.


3.      In this context, the three "categories" of students who would be eligible for financial assistance from CTETF are identified as  :

  • "estranged" students – being students who became no longer supported by their family after their 16th birthday until they left school and were, therefore, not entitled to Local Authority support ; such students face particular financial difficulties in supporting themselves outside term time ;   or
  • students who are themselves currently seeking asylum in the UK or are the children of parents who are currently seeking asylum in the UK ; or
  • students, particularly - but not exclusively - those from the two above categories, undertaking "work placements" as part of their study but who were unable to meet the costs associated with such a placement – either for an academic year or for a period during the academic year (eg during the summer).


Level of funding available

4.      Awards of up to a maximum of £1,000 per student per annum in any of the above categories may be made in those circumstances where such awards are thought likely to make a substantial and positive improvement in the relevant student's ability either to remain in higher education or to improve their future employment prospects through the work experience gained on a placement.


5.      Applicants can apply during any year in which they are a student in Cardiff. 


6.      Any award made to an Applicant would only be for the relevant year and would not entail a guarantee of support at any level for any future year. Applicants would need to re-apply for funding for each and any future year.


7.      All Applicants would be required to provide suitable evidence of their entitlement to receive such funding.


8.      The CFETF will make available a maximum amount of financial assistance to support these individual awards of £10,000 in any financial year (April to March).


Application process

9.      The application process will be overseen jointly by those "relevant Officers" of the three higher education Institutions identified in para 2 above who have responsibility for supporting students who are suffering financial hardship and will be coordinated by Sheila King, Student Support & Well Being Division, Cardiff University


10.  The availability of this financial assistance should be advertised at the four locations of the three Higher education Institutions identified in para 2 above by whatever means are deemed most appropriate.


11.  Applications from eligible students, in the format decided by the relevant Officers,  should above be received by between 1 October and 4 January in any financial year. Such applications received should be considered jointly by the relevant Officers and recommendations on any awards to individual students, up to the maximum funding available in any financial year, should be made to the CEFTF by 14 February in any financial year.


12.  The CFETF will notify successful Applicants and make any awards in March of any financial year.


Write to:

Lawrence Wilson, Student Services, Llandaff Campus, Western Avenue, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cardiff CF5 2YB for an application form.




CFETF                                                                                            August 2015