Postgraduate Students



​​There is very little financial support available for postgraduate study so you will need to plan well in advance how you are going to pay the tuition fees and support yourself whilst you are studying. 

If you apply to the Hardship Fund, you will have to demonstrate to the Committee how you intended to finance your studies before you will be considered for an award. ​

Here are a few points you should bear in mind: 

  • You may well find that your living expenses are higher and that you need more money than you managed on as an undergraduate.
  • There are more places on postgraduate courses than there are funded places because educational institutions receive awards on a quota basis. Funding is hard to come by - the course you are interested in may have no funded places or a limited number for which you must compete to be accepted on to the course.
  • There is no central system of funding and you will need to search for sources of finance.
  • Prospective postgraduate students can claim Income Support/Housing Benefit over the Summer vacation, between the end of their undergraduate course and the start of the postgraduate course as they aren't considered to be a student during that time.​

You may find the links on the right helpful in researching how you are going to fund your course. 

Also, ​the Student Finance & Welfare Advisory has produced a Money Matters booklet​ about what's on offer for post-graduate students.