​​Meningitis is particularly prevalent in closed or semi-closed communities such as halls of residence and young people are a vulnerable group. Statistics indicate that in a typical year at University there are likely to be one or two cases of meningitis and experience bears this out.
As there is not a vaccine for all strains of Meningitis it is important that all students are fully aware of the signs and symptoms



If you are under 25 and starting university for the first time this year, you should have had the meningococcal group ACWY vaccination from your GP surgery, before leaving home. 

Arrived at University and not received the vaccine:

Contact your GP in Cardiff and request the vaccination as soon as possible, informing them you are a first year in University, for the first time and under 25 years old. Your GP surgery will then be able to arrange for you to have the vaccination. 

Not registered in Cardiff:

It is important that you register with a GP close to your term time address as soon as possible.
How to register with a GP 

If you are unsure if you need the vaccination or want more information please click here



Symptoms may not all appear at the same time and can vary between different age groups.

Early symptoms can be like a severe case of flu.

The Symptoms can change with the passage of time.

If you are concerned, phone your doctor for advice on the best course of action.

If there is a delay, then it is best to go straight to Accident and Emergency (Casualty) or dial 999.


If you have been in contact with someone who has meningitis, you should contact your Campus Nurse/ Doctor to find
out any instructions (from the hospital or Public Health department) that they may have been given. Otherwise your
doctor will be able to give you appropriate advice.

Only those who have been in very close contact with the  person are given antibiotics as a precaution.

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For further information

Meningitis Now  Tel: 0808 80 10 388

Meningitis Research Foundation     Tel: 080 8800 3344


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Meningitis Symptom App (Meningitis Now)

Meningitis Symptom App (Meningitis Research Foundation

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