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 Non-accredited courses

To enrol on the following free non-accredited courses, there is no minimum entry requirement.

Introduction to Complementary Therapies

Dates and times
Tuesdays 5th March 2019 - Tuesday 2nd April 2019
9.30am - 11.30am
Venue: Palmerston Centre for Lifelong Learning, Barry

​Non-accredited. Select "Complementary Therapies 201819_1" on the enrolment form.

Introduction to Complementary Therapies

​​This introductory course will give an overview of therapies in general, to gain a knowledge of the history and theory of Complementary Therapies. The course will be a mix of basic theory and practical application and will link in to the Museum's traditional Welsh medicine and other collections.  It is intended to be enjoyable, fun and motivating! It is also an excellent introduction to the 10 credit Level 3 Reflexology module, and Anatomy and Physiology module run in the community.​​​​

Dates and times
Fridays 22nd March 2019 - Friday 12th April 2019
1pm - 3pm
Venue: St Fagans National Museum of History

Non-accredited. Select "Complementary Therapies 201819_2" on the enrolment form.

Creative Writing

Ever wanted to write your own story? This introductory course is ideal for both beginners and those wanting to hone their skills. You will have the opportunity to explore the collections at St Fagans National Museum of History to inspire your work.


Dates and times
Tuesdays 30 April 2019 - Tuesday 21st May 2019
1.00pm - 3.00pm
Venue: St Fagans Welsh Folk Museum


Select "Creative Writing 201819_1" on the enrolment form.


This course will explore issues in society through sociology. It will cover a basic understanding of sociology and develop an overview of sociological theory.

Dates and times
Wednesdays 8th May 2019 - Wednesday 12th June 2019 (no class in half-term)
12.30pm - 2.30pm
Venue: Willows High School

Non-accredited. Select 'Sociology 20189_1' on the enrolment form.

Introduction to Academic English Language

We offer this course for those people who do not have English as a first language and would like to reach a level 6 in order to access Higher Education.

Dates and times
Mondays 4th March 2019 - Monday 22nd July 2019
10am to 12 noon (Butetown) - 1pm to 3pm (Trowbridge)
Venue: @Loudoun, Butetown and Trowbridge Community Centre, Rumney

Non-accredited. Select "Introduction to Academic English language" on the enrolment form.