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EUREKA Robotics Lab


As one of the flagship research clusters at the Cardiff School of Technologies, EUREKA Robotics Lab is the innovative research hub nested in the School of Technologies, Cardiff Metropolitan University, serving Wales and global stakeholders.

Partnering with international collaborators from companies and universities, the current research strands in the Lab are: Social and Service Robotics for (1) STEAM Education for schools in Wales; (2) Tourism & Hospitality and (3) Healthcare. EUREKA stands for Ethical-Ubiquitous Robotics driving Economy and Knowledge Accelerator with the meaning of “exclamation of satisfaction on discovering something, solving a problem, finding a solution with fun and engaging experience”.

Grounding on the artificial intelligence techniques and data visualisation & analytics capacities, the lab aims to educate and research the service and social humanoid robotics, from the world-class research inquiry and education innovation.

Founder of the Lab and PI: Dr Esyin Chew
Email: echew@cardiffmet.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 292041 6249
Address: O2.56, O2.37, Cardiff School of Technologies, Cardiff Metropolitan University
Western Avenue, Cardiff CF5 2YB, UK.

Latest News: 


Key Members and Co-investigators: 

  1. Professor Jon Platts, Dean, Cardiff School of Technologies 
  2. Dr Pengcheng Liu, Senior Lecturer, Cardiff School of Technologies
  3. Nigel Jones, Senior Lecturer, Cardiff School of Technologies
  4. Dr Simon Thorne, Senior Lecturer, Cardiff School of Technologies
  5. Dr Fiona Carroll, Senior Lecturer, Cardiff School of Technologies
  6. Dr Thanuja Mallikarachchi, Lecturer, Cardiff School of Technologies
  7. Lisa Fenn, Lecturer, Cardiff School of Education
  8. Dr Nikolaos Konstantakis, Senior Lecturer, Cardiff School of Education
  9. Dr Sia Chow Siing, Senior Lecturer, the Department of Accounting, Economics and Finance, Cardif School of Management

Current Internship and Researchers 

  1. David Shuyang Hu

  2. Jayesh Saini 

  3. Jack Jiaji Yang

  4. Joel Pinney

  5. Corrine Ngandu
  6. Holly Jiya Zhao
  7. Henry Gerui Zhang
  8. Junliang Liu
  9. Junbo Qi
  10. Aaron Joseph Smith
  11. Eliza Ioana Georgescu
  12. Alberto Campuzano
  13. Ervin Visitacion
  14. Vincent Moses Muzuva
  15. Pawr Diphttps://bit.ly/2P2Xiwv;   https://bit.ly/2P5x50n 
  16. David Basch
  17. Parastoo Porhonar 

  18. Aveen Najm

  19. Mudiyanselage Dimiyawa, Lakshima Madushani
  20. Shiqi Lin

Previous Internship: 

  1. Cairen Carol, Graduated (MSc Information Technology Management) with dissertgation titled: The design and pilot of educational robots innovation. 
  2. Fiona Li, Robotic Chinese Language Tutor, Graduated as the Best Student of the academic year 2017/2018 in MSc in Data Science
  3. George Henry Chester Burns, Graduated as one of the best Dissertation titled: Service Robots in the Automobile Salesperson Profession (BSc in Computing)
  4. Stuart Hartley, School Robotics Project with JD. BSc in Computer Science, Cardiff School of Technologies
  5. Bingyan Zhang, Graduated (BSc in Education, Cardiff School of Education)
  6. Eleanor Walsh (Sixth Form student)

Research and Innovation Projects

We conduct research and innovation focusing on robotics for education, hospitality, tourism and healthcare industry. We deliver robotics workshops and competitions for schools across Wales to enhance the STEAM education amongst young people, particularly girls. 

A. STEAM Lab: Robotics for Education and Social Entrepreneurship

1. Robotics in Language Teaching,"Robot Dewey, the Language Tutor"

2. STEAM Education with Robot Dewey and JD Robots for Blanycwm (2017/2018):

2 - Hi-Five with Robot Dewey 2.jpg

3. STEM Workshops across Schools:  

  • Funded by the First Campus and respective schools.
  • National Saturday Club Science 2019: Supporting an endurance athlete  through an expedition
  • Barry Island Primary School (March 2019) 

STEAM for Girls! 

  • Lewis Girls' Comprehsensive School
  • Bedford Girls' School 

We run the introductory 500-years history of robotics and advanced technologies workshop, and the hands-on robotic programming workshops for primary and secondary schools throughout the academic year with a yearly robotics competition. All STEAM Lab programmes aims to promote the interdisiplinary and creative education, putting an "A" (Arts) within the STEM.  In addition, we can host See Science-funded Teachers CPD  to have placement at EUREKA Robotics lab for teacher training. Please contact Dr Esyin Chew (echew@cardiffmet.ac.uk), Lisa Fenn (LSFenn@cardiffmet.ac.uk), Nigel Jones (njones@cardiffmet.ac.uk) or Dr Fiona Carroll (FCarroll@cardiffmet.ac.uk) for further details.

4. Socially and Educationally Conscious for the Next Gen of EUREKA Robotics Entrepreneurship

Due to the Fourth Industrialisation Revolution, the STEAM Lab aims to cultivate the next generation of Robotics Entrepreneurs for ecological, economical and social sustainablity.  Social robots connect young children, teenagers, university students, researchers, academics, entreprenerus and public in a fun and exciting way. Aligning with the 7 Well Being Goals of Future Generation Acts , EUREKA Robotics Entrepreneurs aim to put human back into human resources and for human jobs that will not be replaced by robots!  

While making a Prosperous Wales, a Resillient Wales and a Healthier Wales for all to enjoy, these are our inspiring objectives: 

  1. To deliver STEAM workshops with social robots by EUREKA Robotics Lab interns for social and educational outreach.  
  2. To design, 3D print or acquire consumer robots and related robotics apps at low cost so that everyone can own and operate a robot!  To sell these robots that are easy to use and affordable. This may inspire more students,  teachers, researchers and public to lean towards innovation, R&D and entrepreneurship. 

  3. To facilitate students and researchers to start-up a spinout company as an entrepreneur for a Global Wales and with online store and/or direct selling approach.  

  4. To promote AI literacy through robotics to valleys and schools. 

Further details can be found from the Centre of Entrepreneurship to access free workshops and to explore the Cardiff Met Student Entrepreneurs Win a Share of £19,000 Business Start-up Funding. 

5. Team Quest: Richard Sparks Expedition with a Humanoid Robot at the South Pole

  • Funded by Cardiff Marketing and External Relation & Cardiff School of Technologies
  • Team: Professor Jon Platts, John Cavani, Dr Esyin Chew, Holly Jiya Zhao, Henry Gerui Zhang, Jack Jiaji Yang and Vincent Moses Muzuva.
  • Press:
  1. Cardiff Met Partners With Extreme Athlete Richard Parks  (http://www.richardparks.co.uk) Ahead of Antarctica Expedition: http://www.cardiffmet.ac.uk/news/Pages/Cardiff-Met-Partners-with-Extreme-Athlete-Richard-Parks-Ahead-of-Antarctica-Expedition.aspx
  2. Meet Richard's expedition partner - NAO from our CST 
  3. Cardiff Metropolitan University Partners with Team Quest 
  4. Richard Parks | NAO and School of Technologies video 

Richard Park's interaction with NAO.JPGJiya 2.jpgRobot Branded 2 small.jpg

6. Cardiff School of Technologies Marketing Robots for Corporate Branding:

  • Team: Professor Dr Jon Platts, Dr Jason Williams, Dr Esyin Chew, Programme Directors, Corrine Ngandu, Pawr Dips and all interns at Cardiff School of Technologies
  • Press and Photos:

    (1) Eureka Robotics Lab at Eisteddfod! (2018) Cardiff Local TV:


    (2) Open Days at Cardiff Metropolitan University

    (3) Global Week (March 2019)

Eisteddfod 2.jpgEisteddfod 1.jpg

B. Service and Social Robotics for Tourism and Hospitality:  

1. Bi-lingual (English and Welsh) Robot Concierge at Kizuna and Tanabata Exhibition:

The great team.jpgEsyin Kizuna launch for web.jpg

2. Bi-lingual (English and Thai) Robot for British Council Thailand (Aug 2019)

Team: Andrew Glass, Kim Chanya Tangsuk, Dr Esyin Chew and Pawr Dip

  1. British Council Thailand (2019) Innovation is born when art meets science. Nao @cardiffmet sparks inspiration and lots of joy: https://twitter.com/thBritish/status/1163006255931117568 
  2. Glass, A. (2019a) With the Ministry of HE, Science, Research & Innovation delegation at the National Science & Technology Fair 2019: https://twitter.com/GlassAndrewR/status/1162660730132299776
  3. Glass, A. (2019b) School students exploring #robots, with thanks to Pawr, robot Nao and : https://twitter.com/GlassAndrewR/status/1162564848602849280
  4. Britich Council Thailand and Pawr Dip is at the UK booth wth Nao Robot In Moung Thog Thani, Bangkok for the British Council Event; Presenting Cardiff Metropolitan University;  Proud moments with HE Minister and VIPs. 

3. Multi-lingual Humanoid Robotics for Hospitality with Service Intelligence

Team: Dr Esyin Chew and Jiaji Yang

  • Further information will be available. 

4. Welsh-English-Chinese Robotic Receptionist for Cardiff School of Technologies 

Team: Dr Esyin Chew, Jayesh Saini & Jack Jiaji

  • Further information will be available. 

C. Robotics for Healthcare:  

  1. Robot Nightingale for Rehabilitation: Junbo Qi & Dr Esyin Chew 
  2. Robotic Play Specialist for Children: Jungliang Liu & Dr Esyin Chew
  3. Robotics Upper Limb Assistant for Rehabilitation: Aaron Smith
  • Further information will be available.

Heath Children Ark Hospital.JPG

Publications, Public Engagement, Press and Media 

  1. EUREKA Robotics Lab (2019) is named by the International Trade Department, UK government as one of the specialist centres in the UK to access Social/ Service Robotics facilities and long-term healthcare robotics R&D. 

  2. Platts, J. & Chew, E. (2019) The Taxonomy of Social Robotics in the EUREKA Robotics Lab, the 4th World Congress of Robotics, 31st Aug - 1st Sept,2019, Shenyang, China. 

  3. British Council Thailand (2019) Innovation is born when art meets science. Nao @cardiffmet sparks inspiration and lots of joy. https://bit.ly/2P5x50n 

  4. Glass, A. (2019) With the Ministry of HE, Science, Research & Innovation delegation, @thBritish colleagues and Nao the @cardiffmet robot @EsyinChew @ukinthailand National Science & Technology Fair 2019. https://twitter.com/GlassAndrewR/status/1162660730132299776 

  5. Chew, E. & Fenn, L. (2019) Introducing ‘Sanbot’ to Chris Skidmore MP, of State of Universities, Science, Research and Innovation at HE Festival at Buckingham University today ahead of Esyin Chew’s discussion about Robotics, the curriculum and inclusion. https://twitter.com/HEFestival/status/1144208550471905280 ; https://twitter.com/Fenn5Lisa/status/1144189417596293121

  6. Esyin Chew (2019)  Artificial Intelligence: Robotics, the curriculum and inclusion, Invited Festival of Higher Education Speaker, the University of Buckingham. http://www.hefestival.com/speakers-2019  ; https://twitter.com/EsyinChew/status/1144361856758353920
  7. Dr Liu Pengcheng is invited to give a keynote speech at the 3rd Micius Forum (墨子论坛) hosted by The University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), April, Hefei, China, 2019. https://wales247.co.uk/the-cardiff-lecturer-leading-the-way-in-autonomous-robotic-systems/
  8. Liu, P., Huda, M.N., Tang, Z. and Sun, L. (2019). A self-propelled robotic system with a visco-elastic joint: dynamics and motion analysis. Engineering with Computers, pp.1-15.     
  9. EUREKA Robotics Lab (2019 ) Written Evidence by EUREKA Robotics Lab, Cardiff School of Technologies, UK Parliment Education Committee's Fourth Industrial Revolution
  10. Chew, E. (2018) In Love and War with Service Robots: the Passionate Deployment, Challenges and National Policy Implications, Springer's Communications in Computer and Information Science. Keynote of the 6th International Conference on Robot Intelligence technology and Applications: Robotics and Machine Intelligence: Building Blocks for Industry 4.0, Springer's Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering (LNME) 16-18 Dec 2018, http://2018.icrita.org/index.php  [ISI – Scopus indexed]
  11. Eureka Robotics Lab at Eisteddfod! (2018) Meeting the Welsh Robots, Cardiff Local TV. https://www.cardifflocal.tv/videos/meeting-the-welsh-robots-x6rq528/
  12. Cardiff Met News (2018) Cardiff Met humanoid robots greet guests at National Museum Cardiff's new Japan Exhibition https://www.cardiffmet.ac.uk/news/Pages/Cardiff-Met-humanoid-robots-greet-guests-at-National-Museum-Cardiff%E2%80%99s-new--Japan-Exhibition.aspx
  13. National Museum Cardiff (2018a) https://twitter.com/Museum_Cardiff/status/1007344325766864897
  14. National Museum Cardiff (2018b) https://twitter.com/Museum_Cardiff/status/1014441200823230469
  15. CardiffMet Tweet (2018b) Humanoid Robots at National Museum Cardiff https://twitter.com/cardiffmet/status/1007631362805944320
  16. Cardiff Met News (2018a) School Children Given Tech-Tastic Insight into Robotics with Cardiff Met team.  http://www.cardiffmet.ac.uk/news/Pages/School-Children-Given-Tech-Tastic-Insight-into-Robotics-with-Cardiff-Met-team.aspx
  17. Chew, E. (2017) What are the implications of artificial intelligence? In Love and War, Written Evidence, UK Parliment Artificial Intelligence Select Committee's Publications.


  1. Glass, A. Tweet (2019) Science communicator for British Council Thailand project: School students exploring robot, with thanks to Pawr, robot Nao @cardiffmet
  2. SHEP (2019) School Holiday & Enrichment Programme.   https://bit.ly/2zdJNPK   
  3. National Sat Sceince Club (2019) From visits to museums to solving a murder, planning a city’s infrastructure to programming a robot, the Science&Engineering Saturday Clubs introduce members to the latest industry thinking and technologies
  4. School of Computing (2019) Sanbot Demo for Buckingham Unviersity - Bedford Girls School: looking at robotics with a root that can recognise emotions A great opportunity for students from @BedfordGirlsSch to interact Sandbot.  
  5. EUREKA Robotics Competition (2019) Award CeremonyCertificate and Congratulations from the CEO, Optimusic Ltd; winners from Barry Island Primary School; Blaenycwm School at EUREKA Robotics
  6. Robotics Workshops hosted by Nigel Jones (2019) In conjunction with the 2019 EUREKA Robotics Competition Award Ceremony: Golf playing, mini golf courseROV underwater robots brilliant Maths problem solving challengecoding to create pictures and Painting robots
  7. First Campus (2019) Sanbot the robot is helping Dr Esyin Chew welcome Barry Island Primary School and Plaenycwm Primary School to Cardiff Met University.
  8. First Campus at EisteddfodUrdd (2019) Cardiff Met stand with JD; the robotics lab Interns were interviewed by Welsh TV.
  9. Barry Island Tweet (2019) Fantastic time discovering the endless possibilities of robotics!
  10. Saturday Science Club (2019) A Welsh speaking robot programmed by a Sat Science Club pupil.
  11. STEM Workshops at Barry Island (2019a) Incredible Huamnoid Robotics Workshops Inspiring Young Minds with a Huge Barry Island thank you.
  12. STEAM Workshops at Barry Island (2019b) Raising public Awareness on Robotics and AI Careers and Salaries
  13. STEAM Workshops at Barry Island (2019c) Raising Teachers and Students Awareness on Job Risks due to Robotics and AI, wih Ethical and Social Implications  ; with Full of Thoughtful Questions!
  14. STEAM Workshops at Barry Island (2019d) Fascinating Barry Island Primary School with Historical Facts of Humanoid Robot  and the First Modern British Robot, Eric
  15. STEM Workshops at Barry Island (2019e) Fun Engagemeng and Inspiring at Barry Island Primary School with NAO's Gangnam StyleTaiji Kungfuplaying virtual chess with a robot;  instructing Humanoid Robot to floss  and to selfie -- Creating awe and wonder among children!
  16. First Campus (2018) KS2 Humanoid Robotics Competition Awards Ceremony. https://www.firstcampus.org/project/humanoid-robotics-competition-awards-ceremony
  17. CardiffMet Tweet (2018a) Brynmawr School have been working with Cardiff School of Technologies to learn more about humanoid robots. https://twitter.com/cardiffmet/status/1012750125272387586

Internship Experiences: 

  1. Pradeep Subedi (2019) I’m here at the UK booth wth my Nao Robot In Moung Thog Thani, Bangkok for the British Council Event. Presenting Cardiff Metropolitan University.  Proud moments with HE Minister and VIPs.
  2.  Jayesh Saini (2019-2020) The Incredible Journey in Robotics
  3. Ioana-Eliza Georgescu (2019) From Robots to AI - my experience Studying COmputer Science at Cardiff Metbit.ly/2N6rfsR
  4. Moses Vincent Muzuva (2019) My Study Trtip to Malaysia with Computer Science at Cardiff Metbit.ly/31KD24h
  5. Short Term Mobility (2019) STM trip to Malaysia with 10 interns. Inspiring STM visit to spin-out robotics and innovative healthcare companies from students' projects.
  6. Short Term Mobility (2019) STM trip to University Malaysia with 10 interns. STM Students Flying Drones with Python competition
  7. EUREKA Tweet (2019) EUREKA Robotics Lab Short Term Mobility in Malaysia - Play Hard.
  8. EUREKA Tweet (2019) Workshops about upskiling in Research Publications and STEM outreach programme in the Unviersity of Malaya, Malaysia.
  9. EUREKA Tweet (2019) EUREKA Robotics Lab Interns were interviewed by Welsh TV.

Undergraduate Students' Robotics Projects on Youtube: 

  1. Jin Robot: the Child Specialist (2018)
  2. Robotic Play Specialist (2018)
  3. Play Therapist Robot with Pandora Chatbot (2018)
  4. Chip Concierge Robot (2018)
  5. RTwoD2 Medical Assistant Humanoid Robot (2018)
  6. AVA Baby Sitter for infant (2017)
  7. Dutch Language Tutor (2017)

Facilities and Partners

Facilities: two physical labs with access to 17 robots, various AI and robotics software, advanced AR kit, mobile and wearable devices, PCs, laptops, video conference facilities, TV and 3D printers for key members to build the robotic parts.

Strategic Partners:

OptiMusic Ltd, API Robotics Ltd, First Campus, University of MalayaMonash University Malaysia, Beijing Normal University, Beijing and Malaysia Robotics Companies, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, 316 Smart Home Café.


Emotion Robotics Ltd. , University of South Wales, Cardiff & Vale University Health Board, Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz Austria, Universidade de Lisboa, National Human Rights Commission Malaysia, Team Quest, various Schools in Wales, National Museum Cardiff, See Science Ltd., British Councils and etc.

Join us for PhD and Master in research

The EUREKA Robotics Lab recruits highly motivated, academically-strong PhD and Master Researchers who are able to develop world-class humanoid robotics projects and will contribute to the research knowledge that will have real industrial, public and social impact. 

Studying for a research degree is a highly rewarding but challenging process. You will be supervised by professional but friendly academics supported by a research team and external collaborators or robotics vendors. Networking with like-minded interdisciplinary individuals, you will push the research boundaries of our understanding about service and social robotics landscape, and work to become a leading expert in your topic area with regular contact and supervision with your supervisors.

Most research projects would involve real stakeholders which you will gain project management, critical communication and presentation skills, as well as leadership, possible business and innovation skills; and the ability to seek solutions to complex, multifaceted problems. 

The higher research degree can be self-funded or industrial/research project-funded. Please see the following themes in the lab (not limited to): 

  • Humanoid Robots for Healthcare or Rehabilitation
  • Service Robots for Hospitality 
  • Service Robots in Tourism
  • STEAM Education with Humanoid Robotics 
  • Educational robots with AI capabilities 
  • Social Robots with AI capabilities
  • Neuro-Science and Humanoid Robots
  • Aesthetics and Robotics 
  • Affective Robotics 
  • Data Analytics and Visualisation for Humanoid Robots 
  • Social Media Harvesting with Bot 
  • Chatbot with Artificial Intelligence techniques, e.g. neural networks 
  • Machine Learning for Human-Robots Interactions
  • Expert System with Rule-based Reasoning 
  • Robotics Control with Augmented Reality 
  • Robotics Ethics and Social proposition 
  • Robotics legal and Policy Implications 
  • Computational learning and optimization for autonomous systems, e.g., learn from demonstration, imitation learning 
  • Bio-inspired robotic design and bio-inspired control
  • Self-propelled capsule robotic systems for minimally invasive diagnosis
  • Intelligent low latency video/data transmission in fluctuating unreliable communication networks
  • Action and gesture recognition for humanoid robots
  • V2X communication in autonomous mobility units
  • IoT data visualization and impact on robotics

Please email your initial research interest or idea to Dr Esyin Chew (echew@cardiffmet.ac.uk), Dr Pengchengliu (pliu@cardiffmet.ac.uk) or Dr Fiona Carroll (FCarroll@cardiffmet.ac.uk

Robotics Plus Programs: Training, Consultancy, Robotics Solutions and Service for Business

UK Artificial Intelligence Select Committee published the founder of Eureka Robotics Lab, Dr Esyin Chew’s written evidence 1 that discuss the impact of AI and robotics in society: the intelligent technologies, from computers to robots that mimic human’s intelligence and five senses, for learning, analytical reasoning, business decision making, real-life problem solving and companionship. However, is AI in the UK ready, willing and able 2

Astro Boys, Back to the Future and Star Wars are our key team members’ favourite movies, and the future is here due to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Eureka Robotics Lab bring the future to Wales by empowering businesses and public sector with the capability and capacity of the world leading robot technologies from China, Japan, Canada, Malaysia and Australia for the following initiatives:

A. Funding and Investment Opportunities for robot sourcing, development and customisation 

We are specialists in service and social robots and develop customised humanoid robotics solution based on customers’ requirements. With the aim of developing smart specialisation and smart citizens for Wales, we hope to support strategic industrial technical challenges with robotics and AI on commercialisation and exploitation of new products, processes or services and growth for businesses and public sectors. Further details of possible funding available can be found below:

B. Training, Consultancy and Workshop Delivery 

With minimum charges, we provide customised training, workshops and consultancy for businesses or public sectors to explore more about robotics solutions and services, as well as data and social media harvesting and analytics.

C. Accessing the National Facilities for Humanoid Robot Rental, Purchase & Event Service 

EUREKA Robotics Lab is profiled by the International Trade Department of International Trade, UK government as one of the specialist centres in the UK to access Social/ Service Robotics facilities and long-term care robotics R&D. 

Finding a new interesting way to spark your exhibition or event? How about a humanoid robot to dance, talk, interact or serve your customers or visitors? It is our pleasure to make your event or exhibition a world-class sales and marketing gimmicks with unique and stunning customers’ or visitors’ experience with a minimum but ROI charge. 

Please contact Dr Esyin Chew (echew@cariffmet.ac.uk) or Dr Simon Throne (sthorne@cardiffmet.ac.uk) for further details. 

Kizuna exhibition pic with First Minister for web.jpg

Keith Dunn OBE (Honorary Consul for Japan in Wales); First Minister Carwyn Jones AM, Dr Simon Thorne (Senior Lecturer at Cardiff School of Technologies) and Robot Dewey from Cardiff School of Technologies.

Further references: 

1. http://data.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/committeeevidence.svc/evidencedocument/artificial-intelligence-committee/artificial-intelligence/written/69675.html

2. https://www.parliament.uk/documents/lords-committees/Artificial-Intelligence/AI-Written-Evidence-Volume.pdf

3. https://www.parliament.uk/business/committees/committees-a-z/commons-select/education-committee/news-parliament-2017/fourth-industrial-revolution-launch-17-19/

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