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Managed Car Parking

​​​​​Management of University car parks is performed on its behalf by Saba Park Services.

The University wishes to preserve a safe, convenient and secure facility for the benefit of all users.

The managed car parking policy provides a fair and equitable system for the administration of car parks.

Car Parks

  • Llandaff Campus
  • Cyncoed Campus
  • Plas Gwyn Halls
  • Alexander House, Western Avenue

Please view our Parking Policy ​and Regulations.

Staff Parking

Staff may apply for a parking permit in the University. Parking permit applications should be completed online.

Staff Parking Permit Options

Salary Deducted Permit

  • Standard Rate – £20.00 per calendar month / 0.76 FTE to Full Time.
  • Reduced Rate – £15.00 per calendar month / Less than 0.76 FTE.

Pay & Display Permit

  • Standard Pay & Display tariff for all users of Cardiff Metropolitan University Car Parks.

Staff who are not monthly salaried can purchase daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly Pay & Display tickets. For more information, please contact carparkmanagement@cardiffmet.ac.uk.

Student Parking – Permit Applications

Permits are valid from 1st October until 30th June, of the current academic year. Permits do not guarantee you to a parking space.

Permits may be issued to students who meet any of the below exceptional circumstances. The annual cost of a student prepay permit is £180 or you can choose to pay and display at the advertised rate.

  • Exceptional Personal Circumstances: Please include details / supporting information with your application.
  • Extra-Curricular Academic Activities: Please include details / supporting information with your application.
  • Distance Travelling to Study on Campus: Please include details / supporting information with your application.

Please click here to view and complete the parking permit application form.

​Persons With Disabilities

Blue Badge holders are exempt from charges at the University car parks. Please ensure that you park in any of the designated disabled parking bays, with a valid Blue Badge on display.

Temporary Disability Permits

A time limited permit, to enable parking in a designated accessibility space, is available for those with temporary incapacity or injury affecting mobility. This pass is only approved alongside a valid pre-pay permit or Pay & Display ticket.

To apply for a temporary disability permit, please email carparkappeals@cardiffmet.ac.uk.

Guest and Reserved Parking – Under Review

All visitors to Cardiff Met campuses are required to Pay & Display at the correct rate.

Visitors to the Llandaff Campus between 08.00am and 4.00pm must report to Reception to register their vehicle on a temporary, virtual, parking permit alongside their Pay & Display ticket. Visitor parking at Llandaff is severely limited and there is no guarantee of a parking space.

For event parking, please discuss parking with the organisers in advance of your visit.

Students are not considered visitors when studying at the University. A permit is required for parking on campus, unless stated otherwise.

Reserved Visitor Bays

Reserved visitor bays are only able to be booked internally.

Schools and Units can book reserved spaces for their visitors for the morning (08:30-13:00 (£1)), the afternoon (13:00 – 17:00 (£1)) or the whole day (08:30 – 17:00 (£2)).

The School / Unit should make their visitor(s) aware of the location and number of their allocated parking bay(s).

On arrival, if you are unsure as to the location of your reserved bay, please visit the reception on site where someone will be able to direct you.

External Visitor Parking – Under Review

Blue Badge Holders need not apply for a permit and are exempt from charges.

All Llandaff visitors must display a permit on weekdays between 8am and 4pm. A temporary permit can be collected from Reception.

Clinic Patients

  • Pay & Display required at appropriate rate.
  • Parking Bays available in designated Zone for those displaying “Cardiff School of Health Sciences Pass” alongside Pay & Display ticket.
  • Cardiff School of Sport & Health Sciences to issue temporary pass with appointments. Pass must be displayed at all times.

Conference Delegates

  • Pay & Display required at appropriate rate.
  • Parking as available in General / Staff & Visitor Zones at Cyncoed Campus.
  • Parking at Llandaff Campus must be reserved in advance via Conference Services.


  • Pay & Display required at appropriate rate.
  • Contractors who are present on site regularly on Cardiff Metropolitan University business may apply to purchase a Pre-Pay Permit at the full annual rate.
  • Head of Unit / Dean of School responsible for work or service undertaken to authorise Permit Application Form.

Hire Cars

  • Exempt from charge: Cars hired for Cardiff Metropolitan University business purposes must be parked in general parking bays with identifying tag clearly visible in windscreen. Hire cars will provide hanging tag for rear-view mirror.
  • On arrival: Hire company to display tag.
  • On return to site: Member of staff to whom vehicle hired to display tag. Tag must be displayed at all times.

Sports Facilities (Cyncoed) – Members / Casual Users

  • Pay & Display required at appropriate rate.
  • Parking as available in General / Staff & Visitor Zones.
  • Visiting sports teams travelling by coaches / mini buses will be exempt from payment.

Tenants / Licence Holders

  • Should apply for Non-Pay Permit and Pay & Display at appropriate rate.
  • Can apply to purchase a Pre-Pay Permit at the full annual rate.
  • Heads of Schools / Units to authorise Permit Application Form.


Operating Periods

  • Peak Rate: Monday – Friday, 08:00 – 16:00hrs.
  • Off Peak Rate: Monday – Friday, 16:00 – 08:00hrs, and all weekend days.

Charge Rates

​Day Ticket (24 hours from purchase)
​Half Day Ticket (4½ hours from purchase)
​Weekly Ticket
​Fortnightly Ticket
​Monthly Ticket
​Off Peak Rate

Tickets can be purchased via any of the Pay & Display machines in the car parks, card payments only, OR you can purchase your tickets remotely via the Saba Parking application, available for download to mobile devices via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


“I’ve received a ticket that I want to appeal”

Appeal your ticket directly with Saba Parking. Their contact details are on the reverse of your parking notice.

If you need further assistance with appealing a parking ticket, please get in touch to carparkappeals@cardiffmet.ac.uk. All appeals will be investigated, but there is no guarantee that your appeal will be successful.

“I want to cancel my permit”

Permit cancellations must be in writing to carparkmanagement@cardiffmet.ac.uk.

“I am changing cars, what do I need to do?”

Email carparkingmanagement@cardiffmet.ac.uk with the details of the new car, and the car which you are replacing on the permit:

  • Registration number(s), make, model, colour.

Allow 2 working days for the new permit to become active. You will be notified via email of this once the team have processed the application.

Sign in with Reception until you receive confirmation of the changes, as you may be ticketed otherwise.

“I will be using a different car temporarily for a few days”

If you will be using a different car for just a day, you can sign this in via either of the reception desks on campuses. If you are based at Alexander House or Plas Gwyn, please contact the Car Park Management team as below.

If you will be using a temporary car for a week or longer, you will need to email in the temporary car’s number plate, plus how long you will be using the different car for.

Contact Us

If you have an enquiry relating to Parking Infringements, Warning Notices, Enforcement, Parking Charge Notice (PCN) or other operational issues please contact:

Saba Park Services UK Limited
Business Support Centre
Contact Us | Saba Park UK (sabaparking.co.uk)
Registered Office: Second Floor, Building 4, Croxley Park, Hatters Lane, Watford, Hertfordshire WD18 8YF

The Customer Support Centre can assist with customer enquiries, please phone 0330 123 5247.

If you have an enquiry relating to permit administration, including applications, please contact:

Car Park Management
Llandaff Campus
200 Western Avenue

Tel: 029 2041 6161
Email: carparkmanagement@cardiffmet.ac.uk