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Career support

Information, advice and resources to help you make an effective application for a job or further study course.

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Current students and recent graduates can access career appointments in person on campus or online through Teams.

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Your CV is important to get right. It is often the first document an employer will read about you. 

Covering letters

The covering letter is your personal introduction to the employer, and is usually sent with your CV. It is your way of saying why you are the best candidate for the job.

Application forms

Each employer will have a different application form. It is critical that you understand what they are looking for and how you can meet the criteria. 

Careers e-Module

Our careers e-Module contains a range of interactive and engaging e-Lessons designed to help you develop your employability skills and start planning for your career.


An interview is your chance to impress the employer. The key to any interview is preparation. 

Psychometric testing

Psychometric testing includes numerical and verbal reasoning, situational judgement, personality tests, to name a few. 

Assessment centres

Many graduate schemes and jobs will involve attending an assessment centre. Learn what is expected of you and how to arrive prepared.

Postgraduate study applications

Every university will have a different application process. You must understand what an institution is looking for and how you meet the study criteria.