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Covering letter​s

Covering letters tend to be a brief introduction to your CV. They give you the chance to explain why you are applying for the job.

Personal statements tend to be longer documents, using evidence and matching your skills to the job.


Complete our CVS and Covering Letters e-Lesson

This e-lesson will help you to create an impactful CV and powerful covering letters that will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Before you start

  1. Create a plan of what you want to include. Make sure you have all relevant documents and information to hand so you do not waste time when trying to write it.
  2. Consider why you are applying for that role in that company in particular. Remember to demonstrate the research you have done on the organisation.
  3. Make sure you cover all aspects of the essential and desirable criteria list, using these as subheadings if preferred. If there is no list provided, create your own list using the job advert and the organisation's website.
  4. Remember to support everything you say with evidence.


  1. Why are you writing? What position are you applying for and where did you see the advert?
  2. Why are you applying for that role? Why that company? Show that you are enthusiastic about working for that company and demonstrate your research.
  3. Why should they employ you? Demonstrate your relevant skills and experience. Remember to refer to your CV, but do not simply repeat what is on there.
  4. End positively, making reference to your availability for interview.