Interviews evaluate the suitability of a candidate for a role. 

The format of an interview can vary, so it is important to be prepared.


To find out more about interviews, and how to prepare for them, we recommend:

Practice your technique

The best way to get confident and competent at interviews is to practice, and university provides a great place to practice in a safe environment and perfect that technique. To start you off, we recommend two ways to practice:

Video interview practice

Access our video interview practice platform where you can access dozens of automated question sets.

You can choose the type of questions based on question styles and/or industry sectors. The intuitive platform will provide instant feedback on your performance and you can even request that a member of the Careers Team reviews your answers as well.

Mock interviews

Arrange a mock interview via the ‘Appointments’ section of MetHub. These work really well if you have an interview coming up so that our Careers Team can prepare questions based on the company, job description and person specification and any additional information you have about the interview.