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Postgraduate study applications

Postgraduate study applications will be different for most institutions.

Many universities require you apply directly to them.

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Application sections

Most postgraduate application forms require you to submit the following:

  • application form - may have different sections depending on the university
  • personal statement
  • proof of your academic qualifications
  • list of references (at least one academic reference)
  • research proposal - most common for research masters and PhD applications
  • portfolio - common in creative subjects.

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Creating your personal statement

Your personal statement will form a big part of your application to a postgraduate course. 

Use this basic structure to get started:

  • Start with outlining why you want to study that particular course. Reasons could include a personal interest or career progression.
  • Next explain why you are looking to go into further study and why you have chosen that university.
  • Provide evidence of relevant study from your previous degree, or any work experience you have done that relates to the course.
  • Evidence your key skills. Remember to keep them relevant to the skills you will require on the course. These can be found in the course details.
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