Student-Led Teaching Fellowships 2016-17

​For the sixth annual Student-Led Teaching Fellowships, we are proud to announce our staff who have been recognised by their students for the quality of their teaching and their commitment to the student experience. 

The SLTF's are a partnership imitative run by the QED and Cardiff Met Students' Union. The fellowships offer students the opportunity to recognise their members of staff under a number of different categories.  The students are required to give evidence as part of their nomination, highlighting the variety of ways in which their staff provide high quality teaching, support the student experience and provide inspirational ways of engaging our students. 

This year both QED and the SU agreed to return to thematic categories for the nominations.  Within each of the categories there is a winner and at least one highly commended member of staff. 

The SLTF winners and highly commended staff for 16/17 are:


A member of staff that provides assessments that promote learning:

Cardiff School of Art & Design

What the students say:

'Last year David Wrenne was our Year Leader and his projects were the most engaging, interesting and helpful that I have encountered so far in university. Each one was carefully made to teach us new skills and use them in an effective and interesting manner to complete a project…His feedback and tutorials were so helpful and he always provided constructive feedback to ensure the project went in the best direction.'

'David has provided a fun and creative environment within our course. It has helped us to be able to expand our knowledge and come up with effective new ideas for our briefs that we have been given. I haven't had a dull moment so far and look forward to the rest of my university experience.'

'The projects he provides are engaging and true to real work situations. He gives you a good reason to come to every lecture, and is passionate in everything he does. If I could, I would nominate him for all three categories!'

Highly Commended: AMANDA DAVIES (CSSHS – LLANDAFF)       


A member of staff that provides an engaging teaching environment:

Cardiff School of Education

What the students say:

'Louise provides an environment that allows all students to participate and engage with. She is motivated and passionate about Youth & Community Work and you can see this in the way that she teaches and delivers…Louise promotes praxis and links everything that we do in class into our placement. There are always opportunities for group work, which allows me to mix with other students who I would not normally engage with naturally. Louise encourages positive challenge on others views and opinions and often encourages us to challenge her views and opinions.'

'Louise's passion for developing the best professional youth workers leads to her creating a teaching environment that is not only engaging but also supportive and challenging.'




A member of staff that provides effective feedback:

Cardiff School of Sport

What the students say:

'The feedback she provides always uses the assessment criteria effectively and allows myself and others the opportunity to identify strengths and weaknesses, and to build upon them. Feedback is fundamental and motivational for learning and Lisa is always willing to support students fully and provide them with whatever they need feedback wise.'

Highly Commended: CATH DAVIES (CSAD)