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In the community

 We're asking students to be responsible, to play their part and help keep us all safe by following the rules. When we can get together again safely, we will, and it will be worth it.

Our City is rich in culture, attractions and opportunities, and we want students to enjoy the best of what Cardiff has to offer. We trust that these experiences can be enjoyed responsibly and we ask students recognise the important role and responsibility that they have, both on- and off-campus, to keep themselves and those around them safe from the threat of the coronavirus. 

Cardiff Council has implemented a range of measures to make the city safe, including:

  • a one-way pedestrian system in the city centre
  • staffed welcome and information points
  • designated queuing areas for cafes and shops
  • spill-out areas for bars and restaurants
  • inner-city and suburban pavement widening programmes

We are all in this together and by supporting each other to follow the guidance we will ensure we maximise each other's health and wellbeing and we can relax current restrictions as soon as is safely possible.