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​We now provide an online booking/payment service for our existing Junior Sports Academy children and for our Easter and Summer Sport Camps.  Click on the links below for information on how to book online.


Junior Sports Academies

This service only applies to children who are staying in the same class next term (i.e. same day, same time).

If your child is staying in the same class next term, they will be automatically enrolled onto their new class.  You will be able to pay their fees online within the closing weeks of the course end date. 

After the final date of the course, there is a booking period allocated for children who are moving class and as this is not an online option, children who are moving class will need to follow the information here.


How to book online:

  • Before commencing the online booking please check that we have your correct email address and that you have your member ID.  You can check these by calling us on 02920 416777 or emailing 

  • If your email address is correct then you may proceed to book online.

  • Follow the link above to log on and enter your member ID.

  • To generate a PIN click on forgotten your pin? This will then send a PIN immediately to your email address.

  • Once logged in, use the booking form ( enter the start date of the course (end dates are not required) and enter 00:00 on the start time. Then navigate through the screens.

Easter and Summer Sport Camps

For children who have previously attended Cardiff Met Sport activities you will need your Member ID and Password

If your child has previously attended Camps or activities with us then they will already have a member ID and password. If you do not have this information please contact reception to request details.  Please be advised reception staff will also need to check we have an up to date email address for you.

Once you have your Member ID and Password please click here to book online.

For children new to Cardiff Met Sport's children's activities

If your child is new to Cardiff Met Sport then you will need to set them up on the database in order to obtain a member ID and Password. To do this please click here.

Complete all details – Next - Click on Pay as you Go and complete address etc. (please be aware it is advisable to input full address not use the post code look up)

This will take you to the final page where your full details are visible and an email will be generated giving you your membership ID and details of how to obtain your password.

If the email comes through immediately you can click on the 'BOOK NOW' button which will take you to our online booking system where you can enter your Member ID and Password,  If not then when you have your password and you are ready to book click here and enter your Member ID and Password.

Choose the date of the course you are interested in and proceed to book and pay e.g. Easter Camp Junior Athletics start date 7/4/15 (end dates not required) and enter 00:00 on the start time, then navigate through the screens.

If you have any queries please email

Thank you for using the online bookings system.

Please visit this site for future updates on our online bookings service.