Will Evans - Cardiff Met FC Academy Graduate

Training Times

Tuesday 7:00-8:30pm

Tuesday 7:00-8:30pm
Friday 7:30-9:00pm


​Under 19s (Youth)

Professional Development Phase Programme (U19)

Our U19 Youth Team is the pinnacle of the Cardiff Met FC Academy. Our comprehensive programme has been designed by experts in coaching, sports science and teaching. The programme ensures we deliver the appropriate type and amount of training depending on a player's age, position, preferred learning style and ability. While the players' technical and tactical development continues, prominence lies on creating a highly completive environment. The emphasis at this stage is to therefore prepare the players in making the transition into the senior game.

The Programme

On leaving compulsory education the most talented players within our U16s are given an opportunity to join our Youth Team alongside the first year students at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Players will train twice a week with a full fixtures programme on a weekend. The sessions are designed to challenge the players as decision makers, who can adapt to the changing needs of the modern game. Coaches continue to instil a developmental approach to training while creating a highly competitive environment. The tactical development becomes paramount at this stage, incorporating set pieces and understanding individual, unit and team roles and responsibilities both in and out of possession. Position-specific sessions are important in this phase as players start to hone their skills to focus on one position. Through training sessions, workshops, and video analysis sessions players will be able to excel with the demands of the modern professional game.

Players will represent the Youth Team with the aim of representing our First Team or gaining a contract at a professional club. The programme will mirror many aspects of the First Team squad as the players work alongside senior players at the club. Players that excel in the Youth Team can be promoted to train and play with the First Team.

Fixtures Programme

The Youth Team compete in the Welsh Premier Development League (South) on a weekly basis and also compete in two cup competitions, the WPDL Cup and the prestigious FAW Youth Cup.