Focus Areas

​Cardiff is a diverse city and the needs of the communities vary from one side of the city to the other. From recent figures and consultations with partners there are some key trends appearing that need addressing. We have identified four key themes that need to be considered throughout our programmes:

1. Disability Sport and Inclusive sessions – "to ensure all Disabled people have the opportunity to take part in an inclusive sports session and / or a disability sport club"

Disability Sport in Cardiff is at an all-time high. There are over 70 Disability Sports Clubs and sessions running in Cardiff with over 1700 disabled people taking part in weekly coached sessions. We have worked hard to develop a legacy from the Paralympics and have had real success within our schools. Schools have engaged with the Paralympic Roadshows which has involved taking Paralympic Sports into the schools for disabled pupils to take part in sport along with their non-disabled peers. ​

2. BME – "to increase participatory opportunities for ethnic minority groups"

A Cardiff BME network group has been established to ensure that all children, young people and adults have equal opportunity and access to sporting opportunities regardless of their ethnic and cultural background. The network consists of a variety of personnel ranging from National Governing Bodies of Sport to Local Authority and Partner organisation representatives as well as local community members.

3. Women and Girls – "Proactively increase female participation"

A sport development coordinator with a focus on women & girls has been introduced to the structure to increase participation in this targeted area. More female coaches are to be recruited and used as role models in grassroots activities to inspire the next generation in order to 'close the gap' between male and female participation levels.

4. Disadvantaged Areas – "to make sport accessible to those who live in areas of deprivation"

We recognise the varying poverty levels across the city and will be more targeted in the approach to providing more doorstep opportunities to community sport through the regional sports boards.