​Oasis Cardiff

Over the past 24 months Sport Cardiff officers have developed a strong relationship with Oasis Cardiff (refugee and asylum seeker centre) in South East Cardiff. Through consultation with centre users it was identified that many of the participants were unable to swim and had a strong desire to learn. The consultation highlighted a common fear of water amongst centre users and a lack of appropriate opportunities to exercise. 

As a result, Officers liaised with the STAR Hub and established a weekly session, aimed at teaching participants how to swim, as well as developing confidence in the water. 
The first session launched on Monday 21st January and was a great success, engaging 10 asylum seekers from a range of countries including Sudan, Iran and Kurdistan. Swimming equipment (towels, costumes and goggles) were donated to Oasis as a result of an advert via social media. As part of the project, officers are measuring the participant’s health and wellbeing before and after to capture the impact of the sessions.
3 month update (April 2019)
Following 12 weeks of delivery the swimming programme has been reviewed and short term outcomes confirmed. The swimming sessions have recorded over 100 attendances to date and have seen participants grow in confidence and swimming ability through learning to swim. As part of the project, Sport Cardiff officers designed a mechanism to record the participants perceived happiness and health, as a result of the project participants recorded a higher score in both questions. The sessions will continue to run for the remainder of the calendar year, with a number of events to celebrate the success of the participants development.
Refugee Swimming
Refugee Swimming

Refugee Swimming