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About Performance Sport ​

Supporting Academic and Sporting Potential

Cardiff Met provides and manages an environment that allows students to achieve their academic potential alongside training, playing and performing in their chosen sport.  Each year more than 60 students from across Cardiff Met represent their region or country at national and international level.   

​​Who is the Performance Sport Programme aimed at?

Each sport will use different criteria to define performance.  The University is particularly interested in supporting students who wish to continue to develop their sporting potential and have clear performance objectives for the three or four period they are studying at Cardiff Met.

The levels of performance would include the potential to represent your country at U21/U23, senior national or regional level,  be currently placed in the top fifty in an individual age specified discipline such as swimming, cycling or athletics or already competing at international level when joining the University.

Student Performance Sports

The University's Performance Sports programme includes seven sports and individual sports scholars from a wide range of sports:

​Athletics (M & W)  
​Basketball (W) 
​Cricket (MCCU) 
​Football (M & W)
​Rugby (M & W)
​Hockey (W)

National League Programme

In addition the University supports a National League programme in:

​Football (M & W)  
​Rugby (M)
​Basketball (W)

BUCS only sport

The University also has a comprehensive BUCS programme with many of the sports working towards Focus Sport status and all have development plans in place including:

​Tennis (M & F)
​Squash (M & F)
​Badminton (M & F)
​Golf (Mixed)
​Gaelic Football
​Rugby League


The directors of the individual sports work closely and liaise directly with coaches, clubs and national governing bodies to ensure that the needs of the student are represented and the required athletic support can be accessed easily and disruption to the student's academic studies is managed sensitively. 

Across the university the academic and sports staff are used to managing the demands of the academic and sporting performer and over the years have built up an effective relationship with a wide range of sports clubs and National Governing Bodies across Britain.