Gender Pay Gap

Cardiff Metropolitan University is committed to promoting and implementing best practice in Equality and Diversity in order to provide an inclusive working and learning environment for all staff and students.

The introduction of Gender Pay Gap legislation in April 2017 requires all employers in England with 250 or more employees to publish their gender pay gap figures with the capture date of 31st March each year.

Although this is not yet a legal requirement to publish the gender pay gap data in Wales, the University has decided to publish its gender pay gap to illustrate its commitment to pay transparency and gender equality.

Gender, Ethnicity and Disability Pay Gap Report 2022 (Word)

Gender Pay Gap Report 2021 (Word)

Gender Pay Gap Report 2020 (Word)

Gender Pay Gap Summary 2019 (PDF)

Gender Pay Gap Summary 2019 (Word accessible version)

Gender Pay Gap Summary 2017 and 2018

Gender Pay Gap Action Plan (PDF)