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Top Tips

​​​​​​​​When else in life do you get to live in the same location as several hundred other people all roughly the same age with common interests? Embrace it and it will reward you. Throw yourself into Halls Life and enjoy every minute of it. Some of the people you meet will remain your friends for the rest of your life.  Here's some tips for when you get here:​

​ ​​

Think about your neighbours! 

This is probably the most important tip of all. There will be all kinds of people living in your halls and you all have to get along. So its only fair to keep your noise to a minimum and let people live in peace.

Befriend your Student Warden ​

We can guarantee you will need their help at some point during the year.​

Don't drink alcohol every night you go out ​

Let your body and wallet have a break from it. Plus it's a whole new experience being in a student club sober.

Be yourself

You worked hard to get here, so don't be lead astray by the actions of others.

Life is easier if you keep your room reasonably clean and tidy

Remember to change your bed sheets regularly. Studies show it makes you feel happier and you study more will a clean room.

Don't rush into signing up for a house for your second year

All the smart students wait until the Uni Housing Fayre in January and save themselves a fortune as there are no fees and the Accommodation team will help you if you have any problems with the landlord.

Enjoy yourself! 

It's fun living with hundreds of like minded, similarly aged people and you probably won't get to do it again.

Go places you've never been and see things you've never seen.

As a city Cardiff is second to none and its waiting to meet you and let you fall in love with it. Over a third of Cardiff Met graduates continue to live in ou​r City after their studies which is the highest rate in the UK.

Don't just sit in your flat on the weekends, explore the city (your Rider pass​ lets you go everywhere for free). Find out more ​about Cardiff and what it has to offer.


With about 1,000 rooms owned by Cardiff Met and a further 750 in the private halls, you are likely to be living in a flat of 8-16 students. These students will be from all over the UK and are going to be from even other countries. That's the great thing about Halls you are going to get to meet people with opinions, beliefs, hobbies and music that you have never even thought about before. You will end up a richer person for it.

You are not alone on campus with just your fellow students though. Should you need us there are always either Student Wardens, Security or Staff available to help you. It might just be that you are homesick and need a chat or you may have lost your key and need letting in. Someone from Cardiff Met will be there to help you. That said though if you are being overly noisy or causing a nuisance at 3am then equally we will tell you so.​