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Want to reduce the costs?

There are several bursaries and scholarships available for Cardiff Met students. Click here​ the link to see if you qualify. 

Met Rider
The Met Rider is the cheapest and easiest way to travel between campuses and around the city. When you buy a Met Rider pass it allows you FREE and unlimited access to every Cardiff Bus service from September to June. If you want to go into the city centre or to watch Premiership football or even a day on the beach at Barry Island, the Met Rider ​pass is your answer. If you catch the bus more than one day a week then its worth buying a Rider as it’s the cheapest option and works out as just under £5 a week!

Lunch Club
The Lunch Club is a preloaded card that allows students not in Catered Halls to buy meals at a far cheaper rate. For example a £4 meal becomes £3.20 when you purchase a Lunch Club package.​