Leah McLaughlin


​Interaction Between Ceramicist and Material: An Investigation Using The Moving Image​

Supervisors: Prof Jeffrey JonesProf Andre Stitt 

Research group: Centre for Ceramics Research

I studied Ceramics in Ireland (2001-2005). There I became interested in the ways that the materials and processes involved in the forming of artworks, created tensions with my conceptual ideas. An MA Ceramics degree in Cardiff School of Art and Design (2007/​08) allowed me to locate my practice within debates that focused on ‘thinking through practice’, and to develop methods that could reveal these relationships. This, in addition to six months on the ceramic s attachment program, grounded my current PhD project -‘How the moving image can reveal the interaction between ceramicist and material’. My doctoral studies are funded by both AHRC and UWIC’s BARS awards.

A key motivation for my research is to explore, examine and interrogate aspects of ceramic practice, using terms of reference drawn from aesthetic theories. Additionally by utilizing practical methods and discourses drawn from the observation and recording of artists, my aim is to illuminate relations that occur during making between ceramicist and material.

I value being part of the growing research degree community at CSAD. This enables me to draw on the knowledge and experience of fellow research students and to discuss with them issues of common concern.