Debbie Alsop



I am currently the Creative Research Enterprise and Teaching Engagement (CREATE) Administrator. I started life at Cardiff Metropolitan University (UWIC) as a student on the HND Computer Studies programme. After graduating in 2004, I worked in the Academic Registry Department at Howard Gardens Campus and then as Programme Administrator for the Foundation Art & Design programme until it’s relocation in August 2012.

This is my first job as an administrator and I love it and I consider myself lucky to be working with a great team of people. Previously I worked as a flight attendant for Gulf Air and was based in Bahrain for seven years before returning to the UK. I can still remember a little Arabic from the intensive language lessons we had during our training and it sometimes comes in handy if we have any Middle Eastern students on our programmes – at least I can say “hello and welcome” and can still count to ten.

I love walking and cycling (although I’m not particularly good at turning right on my bike – a bit wobbly, so have to plan my routes to go left, but I eventually get home). I have done a couple of sponsored rides, the furthest being 50 miles, which was tiring so I plan to increase my fitness to be able to take part in 75+ mile rides. Watch this space.