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Specialist Subject Areas

Fashion design industry, enterprise, business & management

Areas of expertise in fashion design-forecasting-trends-lifecycles-creative pattern & product development-manufacturing & production-collections & range developments-market research & brand promotion.

Design Practice research

Focuses on inclusive clothing design - research active into future technologies in manufacturing and production, design that solves problems and makes a real difference with a clear purpose user (Aesthetics V functional attributes) current collaborations between the design school and the NHS.


Fellow of Higher Education Academy
Masters Design by Practice
PGCE Further & Higher Education
BA Hons Fashion Design
SIAD Fashion &Textiles Design


With a career in the fashion Industry for two decades, my views and practices within fashion are less than traditional and it is my contemporary approach which defines me has an educator’. My research work and design thinking constantly questions perceived boundaries within fashion design, an approach I bring into my teaching with an emphasis on creative problem solving, analytical thinking with a social responsibility, reflecting the duality of always questioning, pushing ideas forward with a contemporary trend lead approach. Having won numerous teaching and educators awards from the CELT Academy the center of excellence in teaching and learning for innovation and enterprise within my teaching.

With a wealth of fashion industry experience has designer, manufacturer, business entrepreneur, consultant and advisor to numerous design brands my experience has been invaluable and instrumental in contributing to the success of my teaching. My current research and networking activities serve to contribute new knowledge and industry expertise back into my teaching. Having strong networking links with industry, the British Fashion Council and Graduate Fashion Week, which have become increasingly important to developing graduate profiles for excellence internationally, and invaluable to the fashion design course.

Current Research/scholarly activities

Practice based - practice led research

Research areas focuses on the concepts of human dignity and shifts related to clothing & self-image, the aesthetics of fashion design, clothing and appearance related to issues around the self-concept and the behavioural human shifts that occur with age, illness and institutionalised. Impact of the research outcomes was an original contribution to theories related to dignity and the self-concept linked to clothing and appearance, the research outcome set out to challenge designers and manufactures of inclusive clothing designs.

Transitional research + innovation.

The Department of Health, The Dignity in Care Programme and the Design Council Challenge. Following on from my previous research the field study data collected set the foundation to undertake this design challenge. Through applied research & innovation with a clear purpose user (Aesthetics V functional attributes) and further collaboration with the Aneurin Bevan research & development office, NHS manufactures `Work in Style and NHS Greenvale Linens suppliers. I developed and produced a range of ground breaking seamless hospital gowns that marries the constrains of medical efficiently and low cost to the preservation of human dignity. The ground breaking innovation of the new seamless gowns were launched in 2011 and the hospital trials took place at St Thomas Hospital London & RGH-Newport UK. Impact of the research was the launch of the `PULSE’ dignity collection (3 patents filed - trade mark) the NHS rolled out new gowns in South Wales hospitals, and the private care homes & hospitals throughout the UK also took up the new gowns designs. The impact of the research outcomes was an original contribution to new technologies within manufacturing and inclusive clothing design, and design that makes a real difference. The research served to raise the awareness of the dignity in care programme set in UK by Department of Health. The research film was nominated in the Ffresh’s TV short film awards - `Dignity Fabric of Life’ which is now being used as a teaching aid within the NHS for staff training.

Currently my role has Director and Principle Lecturer BA (Hons) Fashion Design Course my responsibilities includes revalidation, assessment boards, quality assurance, recruitment, curriculum structuring and external facing activities. The role involves management and leadership of the fashion content and delivery, including the development of the curriculum activities, managing staff with an emphasis on developing a positive working environment where learning is transmitted consistently, coherently and at an elevated level distinctive of a quality undergraduate offer.

External activities

External examining roles
International and national course validations experience
International partnership management
Course curriculum development
Fashion show, exhibition and events organisation
Professional bodies and committee memberships
Recruitment educational fairs and events national and international
Visiting professor BIFT Beijing Institute of Fashion and Technology China
Visits AMD Academy of Fashion and Design Munich Germany, Polytechnic di Milano Italy

Enterprise Projects and/or Industrial links

Practice based - practice led research

2015 Concept to Market - Conducted a Strategic Insight Placement (SIP) – to Dhaka Bangladesh-visiting factories/manufacturing textile mills facilities to source production and establishing links with industry and develop international links. Working has mentor and creative brand consultant to client Shelim Hussain, MBE to `create a new welsh brand with ethical & sustainability at its heart, a `FAIR Clothing Label’. The challenge set for the students & staff was a research project brief `PROJECT X’ to create the new clothing brand. The Field study research trip included staff and students to research and source ethical production in Dhaka Bangladesh. Students work interdisciplinary in teams to develop and create the new welsh designer brand, `TYMOR’ translated `Seasons’, developed from market research identifying a gap in the market for 35+middle market consumers. Impact of the research updated knowledge in new technologies in manufacturing & production - Green – ethical - eco credentials. Three graduate design jobs were created, and a research steering group was set up to focus on Bangladeshi garment industry supply chain – professionals in Law, Accounting, Finance, Business, Design Schools investigating the Bangladeshi garment industry with a particular focus on the legal, ethical and financial aspects of the supply chain surrounding the garment industry.

Pedagogic research - teaching and learning (CELT- research)

Wales Graduate Enterprise Programme-Spearheaded this initiative into the course, students work interdisciplinary and create small business in teams, - project management, commercial viability, relevant innovation, leadership, teambuilding, pitching, negotiation presenting, business, enterprise, marketing & promotion. Enterprise was introducing into all modules to enhance graduate skills towards employability. Impact of the above research my case studies paper received a DVC CELT Enterprise Educators Award - `linking theory and practice’.

EU Intensive Interdisciplinary international research projects & training
SCAN: (staff and student’s interdisciplinary projects)-Organised the research of interdisciplinary workshops for both staff and students collaborated with American digital textile artist Rachel Beth Egenhoefer. Also organised the SCWT Research Centre (smart clothes & wearable technology) training between the Hameenlinna School of Craft and Design in Finland, and Welsh, Swedish and Finnish staff and students. The projects guided by SCWT Research Centre members, delivering interdisciplinary design training experience in smart clothes & wearable technology projects-knowledge-exchange of pedagogy between staff members of `Smart Wearable's special interest group.

Principal Publications and/or Exhibitions

Conference papers

2010 - Design Council (Dignity in Care Inclusive Garment Design) DC - London
2010 - CELT (Enterprise Education) Teaching & Learning conference, UWN.
2010 - Society of NHS Hospital managers conference Buxton UK.
2011 - NHS Research & Development Conference (Turning research into practice)
2012 - NHS (Inclusive Garment Design) conference Buxton UK
2014 - NHS (Dignity in Care) conference Buxton UK
2015 - CELT (Innovation in Assessment & Feedback) USW Cardiff

Academic Awards

2015 USW DVC Overall Award winner USW CELT Academy
2015 USW DVC Award for Innovation in Assessment and Feedback
2015 UWN Art of Teaching Award
2014 UWN Extra Mile Teaching Award
2013 UWN Art of Teaching Award
2012 UWN Art of Teaching Award
2011 UWN DVC Enterprise Educators Award L&T CELT Academy
2010 UWN CELT Educators Award T&L
2009 UWN CELT Raising Star Award T&L


Contributing author design forecasts, predictions, illustrations, promotional photography and publicity material, for trade show catalogues - Drapers Record, international clothing journals and magazines. Specialists design commission for TV productions and commercials.
2012 -Contributing author in FASHION DESIGNER - Concept to Collection - Sustainability Fashion Chapter – `Eclectic Shock’ Upcycling Zero Waste


2015 - Bangladeshi Garment Industry Supply Chain for new welsh Brand Project X
2010 - Design Consultant – WAG – specifications for the New Welsh Hospital Uniforms.
2000 - on-going freelance consultancy in all aspects of clothing design, manufacturing, marketing fashion business and promotion.
1985 - 1995 Own Design company - Exhibited collections and organised the major fashion shows, staged at the international exhibitions for trade publications and international buyers annually.