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Arts and Humanities Research Groups (AHRG)

Staff and Academic Associates in the Arts and Humanities Research Groups (AHRG) cultivate a wide range of research interests across the subject areas of English, Creativity and Contemporary Media.

There are strong emphases on interdisciplinarity, creative practice and theory, contemporary literature and culture, modernism, and digital cultures. All staff are engaged in creative and/or research-based projects and activities, across a spectrum that includes poetry and fiction, literary research and publication, PhD candidature, conference and workshop organisation, and collaborative projects with external partners in the literary and cultural fields.

Group membership:

​Contemporary Media

Nina Jones
Robert Taffurelli

​Creative Writing

Dr Kate North

Dr Dan Anthony

Christina Thatcher

Dr Lucy Windridge

Simon Alexander

Lyn Daunton

Eleanor Reynolds

Barbara Stensland

Sharon Brace

Ann Tonge

Simon Read

Tegan Pyke



Meryl Hopwood
Emma Thayer
Kerrie Reading


Dr Carmen Casaliggi
Dr Elizabeth English
Gemma Iqbal (Academic Associate - PhD)
Professor Jeff Wallace