Research Seminars

The department of Applied Psychology holds regular research seminars, presented by both internal staff and external speakers. These are the seminars for the 2017-18 academic year:

Upcoming Seminars

Professor Wendy Keay-Bright

Monday 7th May 2018
Professor Wendy Keay-Bright is Professor of Technology and Inclusion in the Cardiff School of Art & Design. Somatopia, her most recent research project, aims to bridge the gap between artistic practice, technology innovation and end users who are disenfranchised through perceptions of disability and lack of resources.

Professor Wendy Keay-Bright Profile

Dr Judith Watley

Monday 21st May 2018
Dr Judith Watley is a senior lecture in Complementary Healthcare at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Her research interests include the influence of reflexology techniques on the movement of blood and lymph, and the influence of placebo on health outcomes when using complementary therapies.

Dr Judith Watley Profile

Dr Fei Zhao

Monday 4th June 2018
Dr Fei Zhao is Principal Lecturer in Audiology in the School of Sport and Health Sciences at Cardiff Metropolitan University. His research interests include middle ear mechanisms and modelling, noise exposure, audiological rehabilitation models, and deaf studies.

Dr Fei Zhao Profile
Past Seminars

Dr Nick Perham

Monday 9th October 2017
Dr Nick Perham is a senior lecturer in the Department of Applied Psychology. His talk is entitled Research Ethics.

Dr Andy Watt

Monday 23rd October 2017
Dr Andy Watt is reader in psychology and CSHS research excellence coordinator in Cardiff School of Sport and Health Sciences. His research interests centre on cognitive processes, human mental health, and mental health services.

Dr Michael J. Dunn

Monday 6th November 2017
Dr Michael J. Dunn is a Senior Lecturer for the BSc (Hons) Psychology degree in the Department of Applied Psychology within the Cardiff School of Health Sciences. He has interest and expertise in two main areas of research: the Cognitive deficits that accompany schizophrenia, and Human Evolutionary Psychology.

Karen De Claire

Monday 20th November 2017
Karen De Claire is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Applied Psychology at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Her research interests include: desistance and family relationships, the role of attachment in offending, and the effect of the treatment of trauma on re-offending behaviour.

Dr Lynette James

Monday 4th December 2017
Dr Lynette James is a lecturer at the University of Bath. Her research interests include medicines safety, and in particular, medication errors in secondary care.

Dr Rich Neil

Monday 17th January 2018
Dr Rich Neil is a Reader in Sport and Exercise Psychology in the Cardiff School of Sport & Health Sciences. His research interests include Resiliency, Stress, Well-being and Performance, Life Skill Development, and Leadership.

Dr Heidi Seage & Dr Amie-Louise Prior

Monday 29th January 2018
Dr Heidi Seage & Dr Amie-Louise Prior teach in the department of applied psychology at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Amie’s research interests focus on eating disorders, and on adolescent and young adult health and wellbeing. Heidi is interested in research related to all aspects of eating and drinking behaviour, and in the cognitive mechanisms that contribute to the development of obesity

Dr William Davies

Monday 26th February 2018
Dr William Davies is a Senior Lecturer in the MRC Centre for Neuropsychiatric Genetics & Genomics at Cardiff University. His research concerns the (epi) genetic mechanisms underlying sex differences in brain function and behaviour, focusing on the role of genes on the sex chromosomes