Colin Powell

Job Title:            Associate Dean - Internationalisation
Room No:          D1.02a
Telephone No:  + 44 (0) 29 2041 6860
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Teaching activities focus upon human and social factors impacting upon the assessment and management of risk, determinants of health related behaviour, health promotion and the stimulation of change. Contributions are made to the following academic programmes:-

MSc Applied Public Health
MSc Food Safety Management (Hong Kong)
MSc Occupational Health and Safety Wellbeing
BSc (Hons) Environmental Health
BSc (Hons) Environmental Health Sciences (Kenya)
Colin has a keen interest in international working. This is reflected in his management of the MSc Programme in Food Safety Management delivered in Hong Kong and the BSc (Hons) Environmental Health Sciences delivered in Kenya. Colin is an academic member of the International Training Centre for the Public Health Management of Chemical Incidents: the Centre represents a partnership between Cardiff Metropolitan University, Public Health England's WHO Collaborating Centre, G7+ Mexico's Global Health Security Action Group, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Public Health Wales. Colin plays an active role in the co-ordination of aspects of the School's Trans National Education Strategy.


Colin Powell has a background in health promotion and community based interventions. His research interests focus upon psychological and social factors influencing the perception and management of risk, health promotion interventions and community engagement. Through his role as a PhD. Director of Studies and supervisor, Colin is guiding and developing research in relation to the perception and response to risk in both the occupational and community contexts.


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Recent Presentations

"The Perception of Injuries, and Medical Conditions Amongst Kayakers Paddling in the Sea Environment" Wilderness Medical Society 25th Annual Conference, USA 2008

"Information Gathering to inform Prevention Strategies" Canadian Search and Rescue Secretariat Annual International Conference 2008

Presenter and workshop facilitator UK Water Safety Conference, November 2009

Presenter and workshop facilitator Emergency Preparedness training, University of Nairobi, 2009

"Community Engagement in Emergency Preparedness". Public Health Emergency Preparedness workshop JKUAT,Kenya,2009

Presentation to the Permanent Secretary ministry of State for the Development of Northern Kenya and Other Arid Lands "Community Engagement for Development", 2009

Presentation at Wales Equity and Diversity in Health and Social Care ( WEDHS) conference "Partnerships for Health and Wellbeing ; Working with Communities", 2009

"Participants' Perception of the Causation of Health Impacts in an Outdoor Recreation Activity: A Kayaking Case Study", Wilderness Medical Society Annual Conference, USA 2010

"Risk Communication in a Crisis", Maritime Transport of Hazardous and Noxious Substances Atlantic Regions Costal Pollution Response Conference, Cardiff, 2011

Presentation to the RNLI Research and Coastal Safety Teams " Risk Perception and Safety Practices: the Implications for Safety Initiatives and Incident Prevention, 2013

Session Chairperson, Atlantic Regions Coastal Pollution Response Conference " Creating a Tool Kit for Effective Maritime Incident Response. Communication, Resources and Planning. Cardiff, 2013.

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