Helen Taylor

Job Title: Lecturer
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Telephone No: + 44 (0) 29 2041
Email Address: htaylor@cardiffmet.ac.uk



As well as being a Lecturer in Housing at Cardiff Metropolitan University, I am a final year PhD candidate at Cardiff University looking at social justice and housing in Wales. I have a keen interest in combining academia with practical engagement, and this is reflected in both my research and teaching.

I am currently teaching on a range of modules; Equality and Diversity, Housing and Welfare Policy, The Strategic and Policy Processes, and Research Skills (Level 4 and 5). I also have experience of dissertation supervision, with a focus on homelessness and legislation. In my teaching and supervision I encourage active learning, and draw on my experience of working both in the policy and homelessness sectors.



My current research is Applied Philosophy and looks at John Rawls' difference principle and how this can be modified into a tangible test for social justice in contemporary social policy. I have constructed a test for social justice based on Rawls' difference principle, claiming that social policy delivers social justice when individuals are enabled to be effective agents.

I have applied this test to the Housing (Wales) Act to see if the policy delivers social justice. I argue that the retention of the priority need test for individuals when they present as homeless, through putting the Pereira Test on the face of the Act, undermines social justice. 

My general academic interests lie in using philosophical theories to explore questions of justice in contemporary society, with an emphasis on engaging with stakeholders. I also undertake research on contemporary policy-making and devolution in Wales, having worked as a political researcher for 2 years. I draw on my past experience of working within the homelessness sector to inform my research, and have carried out research for previous employers on the impact of policy change on their service users.



Journal articles

Axel Kaehne, Helen Taylor (forthcoming). Do public consultations work? The case of the Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Bill. Public Policy and Administration (2015)


Research papers

Plaid Cymru: The case for further devolution of welfare for Wales: Dignity and Efficiency through Delivery [April 2015]

I was commissioned by Plaid Cymru to write a paper on how further powers over welfare could be devolved to Wales, and how the welfare system could be improved accordingly. In this paper, I argue that powers should be devolved over Universal Credit in line with Smith Commission and as such a specifically Welsh welfare system could be created. These proposals could be potentially incorporated into forthcoming manifestos.



  • Good Riddance to the Pereira Test! (In England at least…) – CIH Cymru [May 2015]

  • To vote or not to vote – that is the question! (Sort of) – CIH Cymru [May 2015]

  • Scotland, Wales, and Social Justice – Wales Governance Centre [September 2014]

  • For Wales; see England – Wales Governance Centre [September 2014]

  • Housing First? Approaches in Wales and Europe – WCIA Voices [July 2014]

  • Welsh Government's legislation needs more focus – Click On Wales [February 2014]

  • The Housing (Wales) Bill: Making a difference? – Welsh Housing Quarterly [January 2014]

  • Housing research – Making a difference? Welsh Housing Quarterly [January 2014]

  • Welsh Housing Bill retreats on social justice – Click On Wales [November 2013]

  • The cost of social justice? Just 5p! – Bevan Foundation [October 2012]

  • Capability, the Paralympics, and Benefits – Bevan Foundation [September 2012]



Doorway Wiltshire: I have undertaken a number of surveys for the drop-in centre focussing on particular aspects on client needs. These have been published as annual reports providing an overview of the impact of particular policy areas on clients in a frontline organisation.

  • The Real Impact of Welfare Reform [2013]

  • Welfare reforms and agency [2012]

  • Needs Impact and the Future [2012]

  • The Face of Homelessness [2011]

    Wales Governance Centre/Cardiff University Centre for Journalism: General Election 2015: Guide for Community Journalists [April 2015]

    I co-ordinated and co-wrote this journalism guide by the Wales Governance Centre and Cardiff University's Centre for Community Journalism. It outlined issues pertinent to covering the election in Wales, including areas which are devolved and those which are not and potential implications of the Lobbying Act. 

    Conference attendance:

  • Administrative Justice Conference – Bangor University [September 2015]

Paper given: The Housing (Wales) Act: What's Philosophy got to do with it?


  • WISERD Conference 2015 [June 2015]

    Paper given: Housing (Wales) Act: Social Justice and Priority Need


  • Housing Studies Association Conference 2015 [April 2015]

    Paper given: Housing (Wales) Act: Social Justice and Priority Need


  • GW4 Collaboration for Communication event [September 2014]

    Involvement: This was a three day training course on improving communication skills for collaboration amongst researchers


  • ENHR Conference 2014 [July 2014]

    Paper given: The Housing (Wales) Bill: What's Philosophy got to do with it?


  • WISERD Conference 2014 [July 2014]

    Paper given: The Housing (Wales) Bill: What's Philosophy got to do with it?


  • Gorwel Inaugural Conference [October 2013]

    Involvement: Led workshop on Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Act


  • (In)visibility – GRO, Cardiff University and Presiding Officer's Office [October 2013]

    Involvement: Co-organiser, contributor to roundtable on 'Where are the women?'


  • From Evidence to Action - The Housing Research Conference – Shelter Cymru, Welsh Government, and Cardiff University [November 2013]

    Paper given: Housing (Wales) Bill and Social Justice


  • Degrees of Impact – Nottingham University [October 2012]
    Paper given: Academia's Duty to the Third Sector