David Owens

David Owens

David Owens      
Process Development Assistant
Email: dowens@cardiffmet.ac.uk
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My role at the ZERO2FIVE Food Industry Centre

My role as Research Assistant Weight & Waste Control involves assisting companies in ways to reduce the amount of waste produced throughout the production process by identifying loses within the production process from weighing up, mixing, cooking/Baking, final assembly, packing and give away across all sectors of the food industry

Previous Experience

Before joining the ZERO2FIVE Food Industry Centre, I worked as a Process/Development Technologist for a major supplier of cakes to UK supermarkets. Part of my role was conducting factory trials for the development of new and existing products from test bakery to launch. This includes commissioning and validating equipment, providing quality documentation, training standards, recording measurements, completion of traceability information, recipe formulation, weighing ingredients and monitoring product parameters throughout the production process.

Prior to working in the bakery sector, I was also a Process Technologist for a ready meal company producing for a major UK supermarket with a main focus on thermal process validation of all components throughout all cooking and cooling processes for all products produced..

Qualifications and Professional Memberships

BSc (Hons) Science

Thermal Process Validation (Campden BRI)

Food Law (Campden BRI)

Cake Technology (Campden BRI)