Flapjack Nation - Case Study



Flapjack Nation was founded and first launched in 2013. In 2017 the business was purchased by Lynsey Davis who has a passion for everything flapjack! Lynsey had just become a mum for the second time and always dreamt of working for herself. She knew the business had potential and whilst on maternity leave decided to give it a go. After many attempts at replicating the original recipes, she finally perfected them and was ready to re-launch the business, making it bigger and better than before.

Support from ZERO2FIVE

Lynsey does not have a background in food so she contacted ZERO2FIVE Food Industry Centre in July 2017 for support. With the assistance of the centre, Lynsey registered the business with her local authority, prepared a HACCP plan and implemented the necessary process paperwork to manage food safety hazards. ZERO2FIVE used a software package called Nutrimen to support the business to calculate the nutritional information for six products. This information is now available for Lynsey’s customers.

Benefits of the support

Lynsey approached local cafés with samples of her unique products, flavours of which include lemon drizzle, raspberry and white chocolate, chocolate orange and peanut butter, and chocolate. Local businesses snapped up Lynsey’s goodies in an instant and before she knew it orders came rolling in. 

The flapjacks are manufactured in Lyndsey’s domestic kitchen. They are wrapped in greaseproof paper and placed into quirky pizza-box style packaging. The logo is stamped on the outside and an information card (detailing all of the relevant product information) is placed in the box. 

Whilst Lyndsey’s original plan was to supply in bulk to local coffee shops, she has already started wrapping individually for the Handlebar Barista who can be found daily around the streets of Cardiff as well as at corporate events, weddings and parties. Flapjack Nation products can also be purchased at Canna Deli, Chapter Arts Centre, Coffi Cwtch, and Riverside Market on Sundays.

Lyndsey Davis, Flapjack Nation:

“Without the help and support of ZERO2FIVE I wouldn't be in the position I am today, supplying my products to multiple vendors across Cardiff in such a short space of time. Janet's guidance was invaluable and I appreciate everything she has done for me and my business.”