Made By Land - Case Study


Made By Land is a fresh oat drink (milk alternative) manufacturer and household delivery service based in Penarth. They make their product by hand with oats grown in the UK and package it in 100% recyclable glass bottles.

As a passionate advocate for the health and environmental benefits of a plant based diet, Made By Land’s owner Jon Turtle had received praise from friends for the quality of his homemade oat drink. So, he decided to share his product with the public and turn it into a commercial enterprise.

With no experience in food manufacturing before setting up the company, Jon approached ZERO2FIVE Food Industry Centre for guidance on starting a food business, including advice on food safety and manufacturing processes.

Support from ZERO2FIVE

Jon attended a Meet ZERO2FIVE event to find out more about the services the Food Industry Centre could provide. He wanted to get his business off the ground quickly but was still tweaking his recipe, had no Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan and was in the process of contacting the local authority to register his business.

As part of a two day project, a ZERO2FIVE technologist provided Made By Land with knowledge transfer and mentoring on HACCP, covering manufacturing processes, hazard analysis, and critical control point determination and monitoring. Mentoring was provided on temperature monitoring and microbiological testing to ensure the company’s HACCP plan was validated and they were producing a safe, fresh product.


Benefits of the support

From commencing work with ZERO2FIVE in June 2019, Made By Land were ready to begin manufacturing and sales by September, having received a 5 hygiene rating in their first audit from the Food Standards Agency.

The company now supplies its alternative milk to cafes across Cardiff, Penarth, Swansea & Llanelli. In a nod to traditional milk rounds, they also carry out weekly household deliveries across Penarth and Cardiff using electric vehicles.

Made By Land has been so successful that they’re already looking for bigger premises, have received endorsement from local celebrities and are working with ZERO2FIVE on a further project to increase the shelf-life of their product.

Jon Turtle, owner Made By Land:

“It’s been a brilliant journey working with the ZERO2FIVE team. Their knowledge and support has been incredible and so valuable in the progression of Made By Land. We can without doubt highly recommend ZERO2FIVE and hopefully we get to work together again in the future. They are a key asset to the food sector in Wales.”