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Vit Protein - Case Study


Vit Protein is a Cardiff-based start-up company looking to launch a range of protein shakes for flexitarian and vegan gym-going consumers.

Owned by Kate Davey and Rhys Griffiths, both sports loving vegans, the company wanted to develop a product which is vegan, fun and full of flavour with a focus on sustainability and quality.

Whilst the company had an initial product idea, they didn’t know where to start with the practicalities of developing a new product and so got in touch with ZERO2FIVE Food Industry Centre for support.

Support from ZERO2FIVE

Working with the Marketing and New Product Development teams at ZERO2FIVE, the project followed a best practice systematic stage gate process. This was to ensure a customer focused approach to new product development and to maximise the potential of launching a commercially viable product.

Market analysis was the first stage of the project. Through Welsh Government, ZERO2FIVE have access to a range of trend and market data from sources such as Kantar and the Food People. This information was used to identify protein shake product trends, general consumer trends, and to generate a competitor analysis of existing products on the market looking at pricing, ingredients and product claims.

With this information in hand, a virtual ideation session took place between the client and ZERO2FIVE to discuss the findings of the research and to provide a starting point for the development of a robust New Product Development (NPD) brief. This brief included information such as desirable ingredients, product claims, packaging, target audience and unique selling points. As a result of the market analysis, Vit Protein shifted the focus of their target audience from vegans to also include flexitarians (a rapidly growing consumer group).

The next stage of the project saw the highly experienced and knowledgeable ZERO2FIVE New Product Development team undertake remote recipe development. This involved sourcing ingredients, specifications, recipes, processes and manufacturing methods to design a legal, authentic and safe product to meet the client’s brief. Despite the company not being able to attend recipe development sessions in person during the COVID-19 pandemic, the NPD team kept in regular touch with Vit Protein to keep them up to date with the project progress and adjustments to product design were agreed with Vit Protein at every stage. Product samples and prototypes were made available for the client to try at home and virtual meetings were arranged to discuss feedback and agree next steps. The company also received mentoring and training sessions in how to carry out further new product development themselves.

Benefits of the support

Vit Protein now has three fun, unique flavours of vegan protein shake that have been developed.

The company plans to carry out further product development themselves and will return to ZERO2FIVE for technical support once they have finalised their recipes.

Vit Protein aims to launch their products online in autumn of 2021 before approaching local businesses to sell their products in store.

Kate Davey, Company Director, Vit Protein said:

“Our experience of working with ZERO2FIVE has been exceptional, their insights and knowledge has helped to develop everything within our business from the flavours we chose, all the way to our branding. They have been more than helpful and provided us with the expertise to move forward. We would highly recommend their services and we look forward to working with them again.”