Student testimonials

One of our former students wrote this blog 'From Casablanca to Cardiff..'

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'I have received plenty of support from the members of the ELTC team. I have benefited very much from the weekly personal tutorial sessions to share my concerns and the challenges I faced. All modules were useful for university life, but an emphasis would be on the Academic Development module as it covered many interesting topics including SWOT Analysis, Marketing Mix and Economy. These would be useful to learn whichever progression course a student chooses!'

Ken Ebihara - BA Youth and Community Work, Japan

"I would love to thank all my ELTC teachers it was a brilliant experience that I will never forget in my whole life, the teachers helped me through my whole year in the course not just academic but also how to fit in a new culture and a new environment that I never felt like a foreigner."

Mohammad Masri – Sports Management, Palestine 

“I would like to thank my teachers in the English Language Training Centre (ELTC) for their attention to improve and develop our English language skills.” 

Shakir Hamood Al Hamuda-  Director of Training and Qualifying,
Diwan of Royal Court In Oman

“Another thing to point out is the good environment the course had, there are a lot of friendly people and the human quality of the teachers is amazing, every time I had a problem they were there to help me.”

Javier de Cuenca – MBA, Spain

“I met students who came from many countries for overseas study. We discussed our own country’s culture and I was able to cultivate understanding about international culture.” 

Yongje Jung – MA Education, S. Korea

“I was taught a lot about UK culture and the course generously covered different domains of Business Management. and Humanities. It gives scope on what economics, marketing, politics, law and IT studies are about. This helped me to find my real interest in my future career by explaining and giving overviews about different pathways and linking each path to its knowledge. It was awesome.”

Abdullah Daham – Student (MBA), Syria

“During the three month course, I have learned so many novel techniques like ‘brain storming’ and ‘mind mapping’, along with presentation and public speaking skills. Unquestionably, these skills helped me a lot to achieve Merit Grade in my M.B.A.”

Komali Kantamaneni – MBA, India

“I chose this school because it was highly recommended to me from friends and family members as well. This course prepares the students to be able to start study at University.”

Afaf Alghamdi, Student (BA), Saudi Arabia​