International Football Summer School

The Summer School provides students an opportunity to experience the ingredients that have resulted in Cardiff Metropolitan University F.C being the only UK University who have student football teams in the top level of domestic competition.

With the Men's team in the Welsh Premier League (WPL) and Women's team on the Welsh Women's Premier League (WWLP) both teams qualify for Europe's premier football competitions, the UEFA Champions League and the Europa League Championship Trophy.

At the summer school you will taste Cardiff Met University's unique football environment which is made up of three key ingredients. An emphasis on developing talent which provides a pathway to the professional/semi-professional game for late developers. Coaching of the highest level from ex-professional players who are now both elite level (UEFA Pro-License) coaches AND leading academics in their field. A comprehensive high-performance wrap-around service for student athletes which includes:

  • Sports medicine support (with private health insurance)
  • Fully integrated strength and conditioning support
  • Personalised performance analysis service
  • Lifestyle and student-athlete well-being support
  • FIFA accredited facilities.
  • The International Football Summer School provides a gateway Cardiff Metropolitan University F.C.'s success through the following activities (click subject for more information):
  • Developing Technical Skills

    The practices will focus on problem solving exercises designed to promote a player's technique and skills. Players will develop the co-ordination and basic motor patterns they need to solve specific soccer game related challenges in a context where decision making involves reacting not only to opponents movements, but also their own teammates. Sessions will focus on choosing the most effective solutions to these problems where a high degree of ball mastery and wide range of motor skills are needed. These technical soccer skills are learnt through a variety of progressive technical soccer challenges that are appropriate to the individual's technical developmental stage which allow comfort in making errors that allow for learning. The goal is that these technical skills will eventually be able to be performed in an adaptive and flexible manner on the field in combination with all the decision making a player needs to make.

    Developing Tactical Awareness

    The emphasis in football sessions will be on providing a learning environment where players experience the "Game for Understanding" - an approach to develop the whole player using the a four-cornered model (technical/tactical, physical, social and psychological) with an eye fixed firmly on fun and the long term. The sessions give "ownership" to players while tailoring the challenges to their precise technical needs of individuals.

    Strength & Conditioning for Football

    The Strength and Conditioning team at Cardiff Met Sport will provide a training programme for players who are at the Summer School. Players will be expected to participate in a training regime which includes weight lifting, flexibility, speed agility, SAQ, circuits and recovery sessions. The S &C component aims to improve athletes' performance by providing the training, knowledge and expertise to make them stronger, faster, fitter and more resilient to injuries. These physical attributes will help improve your sports specific skills and abilities. Sessions take place in our purpose built strength and conditioning gym where we have a full Olympic weightlifting setup including 4 platforms. Circuits and SAQ sessions take place in the National Indoor Athletics Centre. Players will develop knowledge that will better enable them to maintain an effective conditioning programme in the future.

    Football Injury Prevention, Management & Rehabilitation

    You will learn how to integrate best practice in sports medicine and physical therapy with football specific training and conditioning techniques based on cutting-edge sports science. Through our sports injury and rehabilitation professionals, you will experience which strength and conditioning practices, biomechanical principles and recovery methods can provide an integrated model that supports across the spectrum of player care. There is a sharp focus on optimising preparation for performance as well as the return to performance, rather than just a return to play.

    Player Performance Analysis

    Learn how to analyse, understand and improve your football performance. This aspect will develop how to measure your tactical and technical effectiveness based on game footage from Summer School fixtures using a range of modern techniques and technologies including state of the art athlete monitoring and time-motion analysis techniques via GPS (Global Positioning Systems). Working in the world-class Performance Analysis Laboratory learn how to use analytical and video editing software such as Sportscode and Nacsport.

    Sport Psychology & Goal Setting

    Learn process focused goal-setting which will help you as a football player and as an individual to understand your current stage, state and status and also where, why and how you want to progress. Through sessions with our life-skills training consultants, you will learn how to become habituated into setting systematic objectives that are focused on 'process and performance' rather than on outcomes and results. Develop the capacity to undertake reflective practice in ways that help you to better evidence your progress and development.

    Business & Management of Football

    Football is a global economic and social as well as sporting phenomenon. Every weekend the English Premier League is watched by over 170m people in over 200 countries. In the UK it is a major industry with over 100,000 jobs. Discover how you can be involved in the professional game and be a part of leading the growth of the football industry. This element focuses on both the football and business related knowledge needed to develop professionals for the football industry. You will develop a clear understanding of the importance of football within the context of economic, social and cultural life both in the UK and worldwide.

    The Coaching Process

    Effective coaching is player centered and therefore much more about "how to coach", and less of "what to coach". We take constructivist learning ideas influenced by a range of leading pedagogists, including world leading sports coaching researchers at Cardiff Met. The emphasis on the pitch will be to explore a spectrum of teaching styles against a clear evidence base for effective, active and player-centred learning.

    Planning Your Football Future

    Through 1-to1 consultations, at the end of the summer school, discuss your future football and academic plans with our coaches and support team. We will provide you with further information and guidance on pathways for further development within Cardiff Met University, UK and beyond. As an alumni of the Summer School, you will also have access to future support and advice from our academic and career support staff for a further year.

    Also included:

    Full-training kit & ball (Under Armour):

    • Shirt
    • Short
    • Socks
    • Quarter Zip Top
    • Training Pant
    • Training Jacket
    • UEFA Welsh Premier League Training Ball

    Three competitive fixtures vs Welsh Academy teams

    Visits to:

    • An English Premier League Football club
    • Swansea City F.C. - observe training event
    • Cardiff City F.C. - observe training event
    • Team Wales - Dragon Park - Group Tour

    Download the Provisional Timetable here (subject to change - 2017 example)

    Additional Information:

    Academic Status: Non-credit b​earing

    School: Cardiff School of Sports and Health Sciences

    Dates: 16th July - 27th July

    Application Deadline:31st May 2018

    ​​Venue: Cyncoed

    English language requirement: None required, however please note that good working knowledge of English is expected and that all classes will be taught through the medium of English.

    Academic pre-requisites: ​Qualified to study at university. Qualified to study at university. Please note the above sessions are aimed at all Undergraduate and Postgraduate level of study​.

    Fee: £1,500
    Early Bird Rate: £1,200 (Application and full payment to be made by Friday 31st March 2018)

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