Jon Nottingham

Type of outward mobility: 

Short Term Mobility (STM) funded activity at undergraduate level (BSc Sport and Physical Education). 


Host university: 

UK Sport Project IDEALS, Cardiff Met Zambia Volunteering Project.



‘Being able to experience coaching in a different culture where a language barrier is an issue was an amazing experience and also educational. 

It made think about my teaching and coaching methods; I could not rely on verbal communication, so I had to come up with new ways to communicate the message across. Personally I believe I have become a more confident person when faced with what was a novel situation and one which required a lot of planning, organisation and initiative. 

It was honestly the best time of my life, I would love to go back as a team leader, having built up relationships with some unbelievable, inspirational people from Zambia and other students from the UK. I learnt a lot about myself as well as developed as a coach and teacher. 

Anybody who is looking to go in to a coaching or teaching profession I would say this type of trip is definitely worthwhile.' ​