Kelvin Lau

Kelvin Lau

Type of outward mobility: 

Business Development Programme Summer Internship

Host university/country: 

Hong Kong


‘I've always felt that having an international work abroad experience would be advantageous to future job prospects. It also is a good opportunity to explore about various cultures and work attitudes. With the world becoming diverse in its workforce and clientele, having the experience and skills to communicate and work effectively by understanding how different organisational structures and culture work is certainly an advantage. 

During my final year,  I began my search for an internship online by browsing a few agencies or direct company offerings. I was always fascinated by Hong Kong being financial hub and has its vibrant moments. It is known as the city where 'East meets West'. I managed to find a few sources with the help from my university. I applied to an agency for their Business Development Programme and began a few stages of interviews of just general conversation of why I wanted to work abroad. With the passion to do so and to build interpersonal skills, I managed to get accepted by a company in Hong Kong for their Summer Programme. 

During my internship, I had learnt a great measure of new things. Being able to gain so much experience and also enjoy myself abroad was a great combination. It was also a good opportunity to build contacts and to create an idea to what I would like to do in the future. After a full months internship, I gathered enough information and knowledge to what career I would like to pursue. 

On my last day, It was difficult to think I would be returning back to the UK as I had loved Hong Kong so much and wanted to stay. But unexpectedly, my supervisor offered me an opportunity that was very surprising. It was a offer to work for the company full time which meant I would have the decision to transition my life to Hong Kong. 
It was a major decision, and after returning to the UK, graduating, relaxing in my summer holidays and a thorough discussion with my family, it was certainly a chance I could not decline. Its been more than half a year since I left UK, and I am still loving my new home in Hong Kong. I am learning something new everyday and gradually growing myself as a person. 

So for those who are thinking about doing an internship or wanting to get some experience abroad, I would not hesitate. Strive for what you want to do and it can work out for the best. It has done so for me so far, and it all started from having the idea of exploring the world, wherever it takes you.’ ​