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Working International

Below are several work opportunities from outside of the UK and Europe. Some of the included countries are USA, Canada and Russia.


Absolute Internship

Stand out from the crowd with Absolute Internship. We help students and graduates all around the world to gain international internship experience abroad by providing internship abroad programs in Barcelona, Beijing, Hong Kong, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Paris, Shanghai, Singapore, Stockholm and Tokyo. Participants come from all around the world, speaking different foreign languages making our program a truly international and unforgettable experience.

More information can be found here :- Award-Winning Internship Abroad | Absolute Internship



Internships abroad are fast becoming an essential part of the career journey. CRCC Asia offers young professionals the opportunity to boost their global employability and truly stand out in the most competitive job markets with dynamic internships abroad in some of the world's most progressive organisations. CRCCs internships abroad are hosted in 10 of the world's thriving entrepreneurial hubs, across a range of career fields including BusinessFinance and Engineering.

More information can be found here:-


Internships Down Under

Internships Down Under became the new operating name of Sydney Internships in 2013. First established in 2004 to provide a comprehensive service to international students wanting to complete an internship in Sydney, our service has expanded over the years to include all major cities throughout Australia.

More information can be found here Internships & Virtual Internships in Australia - Internships Down Under


Pagoda Projects

Pagoda Projects' aim is to build the biggest & most inclusive global work experience programme. They employ their own teams of professional & approachable people, across 8 incredible destinations. They are ethical, ambitious and passionate about developing positive international relations through the exchange of cultures, customs and foreign languages.

More information can be found here :-


The Intern Group

The Intern Group program delivers tangible, accelerated professional development. They enable young people to gain invaluable experience in their chosen industry, in an exciting city, in a new country. It is this framework of experiencing different cultures and different ways of life that leads to greater tolerance and acceptance.

An internship program with The Intern Group is perfect for those who wish to travel outside of their comfort zone, both literally and metaphorically. It is for those who wish to gain that crucial experience in their chosen industry while simultaneously learning about the way of life and culture of a different country.

More information can be found here The Intern Group