Njide Ezechi





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​Personal Tutor/Associate Lecturer​​

Telephone No: +44(0)29 2020 5735
​Email Address: nezechi@cardiffmet.ac.uk

Njide Ezechi has a B.A in Modern Languages from the University of Nigeria and is fluent in both French and German. Njide received a PGCE (PCET) from the University of Greenwich, London and has been a language lecturer at the University of Ife, Nigeria and the University of the Arts in London. She has also taught in Cardiff and Vale College and at a range of third sector locations and community settings in Cardiff.

Njide has extensive experience working in the private sector in a variety of roles. In Nigeria she worked as a linguist/translator in a shipping company; in London as a customer services trainer at Visa International.  Until 2013, Njide worked as an education manager and languages curriculum leader in Cardiff Council's Adult Education sector.

In 2013, Njide was employed as a personal tutor in CSM.  As an associate lecturer she has delivered PDP courses to undergraduate students and academic skills to Foundation students. She has developed and delivered workshops covering a range of academic skills both to undergraduate and Masters' students.  Njide's training as a life coach and experience in motivational speaking help her rise to the enjoyable challenge of stimulating and encouraging students to reach their full potential. 




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