Dr Ana Calderon


Lecturer in Computing and Information Systems

Department: Computing and ​Information Systems
Telephone No: +44(0)29 2020 5614
Email Address: acalderon@cardiffmet.ac.uk


Dr Ana Calderon is a Lecturer in the Department of Computing, Cardiff Metropolitan University. Completed research projects include:

  • On the area of formal semantics of programming languages, relating games models to coherence space models, resulting in an in-depth analysis of composition in Game Semantics (PhD thesis, the main result is a full, faithful strong monoidal embedding of a category of games into a category of coherence spaces).
  • Providing formal mechanisms for analyzing socially complex situation, such as those encountered in emergency response, specifically on formalisms of individual and collective intent (post-doc). 
  • Amongst her interdisciplinary work is also the development of technology as cognitive prosthetics for visualization of astronomy and astrobiology concepts,  teaching interactive design through computational thinking, and she also worked on developing software, on a large interactive surface, to support those suffering from dementia.





    Computational Thinking in Schools, (£ 767.70)

    Internal funding. April to June 2015.

    Get Started - Computing Mathematics, (£ 880.30)

    Internal funding. January to May 2016

    Publications by area

    M-learning and Computational Thinking

    Calderon, A.C., Tryfona, C. and Smith, C. (2015) Software as a cognitive prosthetic for conceptualisation of astronomical theories. ACM SIGMOBILE Mobile Computing and Communications Review.

    Calderon, A.C., Crick, T., Tryfona, C. (2015) Developing Computational Thinking through Pattern Recognition in Early Years Education. Proceedings of British HCI. Communications of ACM.

    Calderon, A.C. and Crick, T. (2015) Interface Design and its role in Computational Thinking. Proceedings of the 10th Workshop in Primary and Secondary Computing Education. ACM, 2015.

    Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science

    Calderon, A. C. and McCusker, G. A., 2010. Understanding game semantics through coherence spaces. In: Selinger, P., ed. Proceedings, Twenty-sixth conference on the Mathematical Foundations of Programming Semantics, MFPS 2010.Elsevier 2010.

    Information Systems for ​Emergency Management

    Calderon, A.C. and Johnson, P. (2016) Information Extraction in Emergency Management Missions: An Adaptive Multi-Agent Approach. International Journal of Emergency Management.

    Calderon, A.C. and Johnson, P. (2015) Achieving an information system's capability through C2. International Journal of Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management.

    Calderon, A. C., Hinds, J. and Johnson, P. (2014) IntCris: A tool for enhanced communication and collective decision-making during crises. Proceedings of the 11thInternational ISCRAM Conference, University Park, Pennsylvania, USA, May 2014.

    Calderon, A. C., Hinds, J. and Johnson, P., (2014). Enhancing interactions during crises and aiding collective decision-making. Technical Report.

    Calderon, A. C., Hinds, J. and Johnson, P. (2013) Leading Cats: How to Effectively Command Collectives. Proceedings of the 10th International ISCRAM Conference Baden-Baden, Germany, May 2013.

    Hinds, J., Calderon, A. C., Johnson, P (2013) Emergent Behaviour and Social Media in Large-Scale Disasters, Proceedings of the IADIS Multi Conference, Computer Science and Information Systems, Prague, Czech Republic.

    Hinds, J., Calderon, A. C., Johnson, P. (2013) Emergent Behaviour in Hurricane Katrina: Implications for Social Media Technologies in Large-Scale Disasters,  international conference on information systems for crisis and response, ISCRAM, Baden-Baden, Germany.

    Publications in other areas:

    Tryfona, C. Oatley, G., Calderon A. and Thorne S. M-Health Solutions to support the National Health Service in the diagnosis and monitoring of Autism Spectrum Disorders in Young Children. In: Proceedings of the International HCI conference 2016.